I wish I knew about Algomo!

I wish I knew about Algomo!

I wish I knew about Algomo!


Welcome to the new series at PitchMe where we introduce the coolest digital employers out there! Learn about the most exciting tech companies and digital startups, their company culture and how to apply for a job with them!

Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series!

About the company


Algomo helps companies expand internationally faster by fully automating their customer service in every language. They have developed a unique technology capable of understanding 109 languages without the need for translations. Their innovative work has been recognised by Governmental and Private institutions which were followed by receiving over $1,2M of grant funding to accelerate the RnD activities. Its mission is to democratize access to digital goods for everyone, no matter what language they speak!

We spoke with the founder, Charis Sfyrakis, to find out more about how to apply and what to expect during the recruitment process and also how does it feel to work at Algomo. He shared with us that, what is unique about them is their technology! “We use a unique model that functions like a multilingual person. Whatever it learns in one language, it is known in all other languages. We also support 109 languages, making multilingual AI accessible to 1 Billion people for the first time” says Charis.

Charis Sfyrakis, founder of Algomo

Company culture

When it comes to company culture, the most important thing you need to know about Algomo, is that they want to bring out the best from everyone. “We look for customer and product-focused individuals. We are collaborative but on a remote basis. We also value personal time and have flexible working hours. And it’s fine to experiment and fail, as this is the only we to learn and progress both individually, as well as a company. At the end of the day, a startup is by definition a large scale experiment” he says. Algomo offers a hybrid type of work but fully remote work is also possible. “The only requirement is to have the right to work in the UK. Apart from that, candidates can work from wherever, and whenever they want, as long as they honour their commitment to delivery”, says Charis. He believes remote work is the future!

Recruitment process

When you apply for a job with Algomo, you can expect three stages of the recruitment process; an intro call, a tech interview, and a competency-based interview at the end. To apply for a job with them, simply reach out to talent@algomo.com or see the positions available on PitchMe!

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