Best Places to Work Remotely in 2022

Best Places to Work Remotely for Digital Nomads in 2022

Best Places to Work Remotely for Digital Nomads in 2022

best places to live and work remotely
Work from anywhere!

If you catch yourself daydreaming of sunny beaches and exciting adventures while in the grey office or small kitchen in your overpriced city apartment, you really need to consider remote working!

Remote work has gone almost mainstream during the pandemic. For many, it became a necessity, not an option or a distant dream. It also proved to often save money, improve work-life balance and general well-being. Remote work brings many opportunities, to find out more about the future of the Remote Revolution check out our blog!

If you are looking for tips on how to get a remote job, we’ve got you covered! In our other article, we also revealed the most popular and demanded remote positions in 2022, based on our anonymised internal data.

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In this blog, we would want to present some of our top picks for remote working locations, based on our research, but also personal experience of the PitchMe team! Whether you are looking to save money, avoid winter, connect with digital nomad’s community or for an accessible nature, this blog will introduce you to some of the best places to work remotely!

best places to live if you work remotely

Best places to work remotely and avoid winter

  1. Thailand
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Mexico
  4. Spain
  5. South Africa

If you are looking to avoid European winter, the best places to do so would be in South-East Asia or South America. Our number one is Thailand as it’s quite popular for tourists and digital nomads so you should meet other remote workers easily, but it also has cheaper flights from many locations and the living costs are the lowest.

The same would go for Sri Lanka, which would be a great choice for you if you have to work within the London time zone as it’s the least different from all the South-East Asia – only 5 hours and 30 minutes! Sri Lanka is a place of diverse nature and fascinating culture to explore after working hours. If you are looking to go there, check out the affordable and direct connections now available from Warsaw.

Mexico is a very popular destination to avoid winter, whether for holidays or to work remotely. It is not only known for their touristic infrastructure but also great internet connection, big digital nomad communities and knowledge of English in case you do not speak Spanish.

If you must stay in Europe during winter but want to avoid the cold weather, check out some islands in Spain or Portugal. The temperature in Canary Island during winter is about 20 degrees and you will never have to worry about internet connection there!

Last, but not least, if you don’t want to stay in Europe but the time difference with Asia and America is stopping you from going there, you can easily avoid winter in South Africa – only 2 hour time difference with London! Check out Cape Town or Johannesburg but make sure you research a good internet provider first as due to the Nomadlist ranking their internet is much slower in comparison to other places.

best places to work remote 2022
Cape Town

Cheap places to be a Digital Nomad

  1. India
  2. Argentina
  3. Vietnam
  4. Nepal

Some of the cheapest places to work remotely are also in South-East Asia and Latin America. India is considered one of the most affordable places to live, with cost of living under $600 per month in some cities. Consider Cordoba or Salta if you are leaning towards staying in America. For those who can handle the heat, Vietnam is an option with a budget as low as $721 per month, for example in Nha Trang.

best places to work remotely
Nepal by Wouter de Jong

Most exciting places to work from!

We felt like it was unfair to rank the countries in this section and we deicded to feature our selection instead of ranking it. Different things excite different people – some prefer loud parties, others wild nature. Here we wanted to mention places that have a bit of everything that a digital nomad might need!

Portugal was ranked the all-round best country to work remotely from worldwide, scoring high across the board in all categories, including great weather, high abundance of places for going out, low-crime rates, and relatively low cost of living. Portugal also offers a digital nomad visa, and many locals have a high English proficiency that attracts expats.

Spain came in second place, largely due to its high quantity of restaurants and cafes per capita, paired with fast internet speed, plenty of co-working spaces and remote visas for freelancers. It also has a buzzing nightlife and is very LGBTQ+ friendly. Air pollution is also low here, and a long-term rental apartment will set you back £424 (€507) a month on average. If you want to get off the beaten track, here are some of the most beautiful villages you’ve never heard of.

best places to live and work remotely
Mexico by Alex Azabache

Mexico’s high rating among nomads is due in part to great walkability, friendliness to expats and travelers, moderate weather during winter and growing cafe and cowork scene. Mexico City is a giant metropolis with an exceedingly affordable cost of living for a city that’s so cosmopolitan.

Coworking ranges from innovative workspaces like Centraal and the downtown Homework, to ImpactHub which calls its members Hubsters, and El 3er Espacio near the beautiful Parque Mexico. Want to try co-living for a little while? Mexico City’s Selina has apartment-style living (private rooms like studio apartments, minus the kitchen, which is comunal and located downstairs) and a Cowork membership to their massive two-story coworking space within the hostel property.

Bali, Indonesia
Expats love Bali, that’s a fact whether we like it or not. Some prefer Vietnam, some Thailand, other Sri Lanka, but there is no doubt that Bali is the digital nomad’s favourite in South-East Asia. If surrounding yourself with the community is something you are after then look no more and get one way ticket to that tropical paradise!

It’s not all due to Bali’s breathtaking nature and culture, but also the facilities for digital nomads. Forget the coworking spaces that you’ve stepped into in metropolitan cities like WeWork, Impact Hub, or Regus. Bali offers coworking spaces unlike those that you’ve visited before. Chris “The Freelancer” Dodd sums up the top coworking spaces in Bali in this article, and if there’s anything in common among them, it’s this: coworking spaces in Bali offers an ambience and vibes unlike anywhere else in the world.

best places to live if you work remotely
Georgia by Maria Orlova

Georgia has it all – great food, welcoming locals, fascinating history and culture, the best parties, great prices, mountains, sea, deserts, forest, ski-resorts, fascinating architecture, co-working and co-living places, affordable and reliable internet and more winaries than anything! Tbilisi attracts all the remote workers that it wants, but what sets the Georgian capital apart is that it allows most nationalities to stay without a visa for up to a year. Digital nomads can stop the constant cycle of packing up and moving every couple of months and set down temporary roots here. This is a breath of fresh air for remote workers that feel burnt out by too much movement.

Despite being one of the more expensive destinations to live, it was 5th in The Best Countries To Work From in 2022 by KAYAK! Japan’s cost of living is relatively high, but as soon as you go out of the major cities (Tokyo, Osaka) things become cheaper and more interesting.  

The Asian nation scored the highest on Safety and Social Life. Another reason for being in the top 5 is that prices in Japan haven’t changed too much in the the past few decades. It used to be a very expensive country, but nowadays the cost of living is similar to Spain or Portugal except Tokyo.

Yokohama and Osaka are also the most expensive cities in Japan. Osaka and Kyoto are also popular expat destinations. They are slightly cheaper cities to live in than the country’s capital. For example, in Kyoto, the previous capital of Japan; known for its historic temples and shrines, a single person can manage with about 1,500 USD/month. Expect to spend the bulk of your income on accommodation costs. This website offers a great cost of living comparison between Japan and other countries in the world.

best places to live if you work remotely
Japan by Aleksandar Pasaric

That would be all when it comes to PitchMe’s favourite places to work remotely. However, you might want to find out what are the worst places to work remotely? Do you have any favourite or least favourite places to work from? Share with us your remote working stories to get featured on our blog and social media!

And why do you work remotely? To avoid winter? To save some money? Be closer to your family or be closer to the nature? To explore cultures of the world? To follow the skiing or surfing season? To see how it feels to live in the capital cities of the world? To learn new languages? Or maybe your job requires it? Would you like to see some more recommendations for remote workers? You must let us know in the comment section below! We can not wait to hear from you!

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