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Celebrating International Cats Day. These 6 cats had real jobs!

Humans have been obsessed with cats for many years, they’ve captivated our hearts but we also know them to sleep for the majority of the day. This doesn’t mean they can’t work like the rest of us. Check out these hardworking felines who ended up getting real jobs.

1. Humphrey – the first mouser of the British prime minister’s residence

Humphrey brought the position of resident mouser at the prime ministers home to public attention. He became one of the most popular cats in Britain. He was also one of the few inhabitants to outlast former PM Margaret Thatcher!

2. Larry – the current mouser of 10 Downing Street

Larry is the latest mouser of the current prime minister’s residence and was rumoured to have had great relations with former PM’s David Cameron and Theresa May. Speculation intensified that he would lose his position under Boris Johnson’s leadership but he is still very much a part of 10 Downing Street.

3. PC Tizer – Chief mouser at Kings Cross Station

PC Tizer was adopted by British Transport Police in 2007 and was an essential part of the team at Kings Cross. He had free roam of the station and even his own office. 

4. Sable – Cross Guard at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland

Sable helps school children cross the street outside their school in Washington safely, twice a day. We’re not sure Sable was given a cat-sized lollipop stick, but we can hope.

5. Hamlet – host of New York City’s Algonquin Hotel

Since the 1930’s, The Algonquin Hotel has appointed a feline to roam the halls and just generally make sure everything is in order. Hamlet is named after famed resident John Barrymore, in honour of his greatest stage role.

6. Bree – the pacific sailor

Not so much a job, more an adventure. Bree was adopted at 6 weeks old and sailed with her owners on a 27 foot sloop for 16 years! She explored the Pacific North West, the San Juan Islands, the Canadian Gulf Islands, Alaska, British Columbia and the Pacific islands, as well as Hawaii.

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