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#LIFEAFTERCOVID | Hiring during the pandemic on PitchMe – Aidx

When the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe, many businesses and growing startups had to adjust in the same way consumers have. Aidx joined us in October this year after seeing demand increase for their exciting product, Moja, due to its low-touch and secure nature. 

We spoke to Founder and CEO, Tarig Hilal, to see how PitchMe has helped Aidx to find the right talent.

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What is Aidx?

Aidx is a people focussed technology company supporting systems of mutual aid. What we are working on is Moja; a smartphone mobile application for the African market that enables family and friends to manage money in groups simply, affordably and transparently. This is built around one of the most effective forms of mutual aid – financial pooling. We hope to go global eventually.

How has COVID impacted your business?

At first, the pandemic slowed us down a little. We started fundraising at the beginning of the crisis and investment had been slowed-down. But since July, it has eased up and people are open to making new investments. There is now more understanding of mutual aid practices in the UK which has seen a revival.

We have seen more demand for our product than ever before from customers. This is partly because they want low-touch products that allow them to keep their distance, and also because it allows people to offer security and solidarity to each other.

How were you recruiting before you came to PitchMe?

We were sourcing candidates solely through our small network via email for about 6 weeks asking for referrals. We generated about a dozen CVs that were diverse, but applicants were without any of the relevant skill set or experience.

How has PitchMe helped with your recruitment and hiring?

I have not seen anything similar before. PitchMe has been able to supply us with a consistent set of top-quality candidates who we would consider for the role, and who we’d want to speak to. 

A very important factor for us is the affordable pricing model .It meant a lot to us because we are in the tough part of our growth, so signing onto really expensive agencies would be really difficult. The  pricing model where you are not entering any long-term subscription was very attractive. We actually think that it is fair to give 3 top candidates for free, as we can trust the platform we use for the first time.

Have you enjoyed using the platform?

I really like the interface. The visual presentation and the dashboard is compelling and easy to navigate. PitchMe feels very modern and intuitive, as an employer you feel that the process has been thought through.

Would you recommend PitchMe?

Yes I would. I would say your platform is really easy to use, very affordable and the PitchMe team are friendly and helpful. We received a great amount of support from our account manager who communicated regularly with us from the moment we signed up, helping with any issues like optimising our skill requirements.

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