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Hiring Trends in 2022 to Watch

Trends and the landscape in the hiring and recruitment process change every year. In order to stay on the cutting edge and attract the most suitable and qualified job candidates you should keep your finger on the pulse and stay up-to-date with the latest events. The fact that an increasing number of employees advocate remote and flexible work opens new possibilities to recruiters who don’t have to limit their search only to locals. What are the most important 2022 hiring trends?

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6 vital hiring trends in 2022

In order to stay-up-to-date and make the best recruitment decisions, it’s imperative to follow hiring trends 2022 and adjust the process to the current recommendations, requirements and best practices. What should you consider and implement to your strategy?

1. Searching for candidates via multiple channels

The processes of looking for candidates doesn’t have to be limited to one or two platforms. Don’t rely solely on recruitment platforms and websites with job offers. 

Instead, be active on social media. Posting job descriptions on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Instagram can attract hundreds of quality candidates who came across your offer by accident. Moreover, it’s a great way to build a relationship with the audience and position the company as a professional, expert entity.

2. Don’t disregard soft skills

When reviewing job applications and going through resumes, don’t focus only on hard skills and qualifications. Instead, try to assess soft skills of the candidates as well. 

What skills and character traits do you value in employees? Remember they don’t always have to be related to the job position. Keep in mind that it’s possible to train new hires, and teach them your work culture, or certain processes.

On the other hand, it’s not always feasible to force even the most qualified applicants to become problem-solving or collaborative. Take this into account and choose candidates that can be valuable members of your team.

3. Take into account experience and references

Before making the final decision, don’t forget to check the references of the candidates. This way, you can be sure that the information provided in the CV is accurate and that the candidate is suitable for the role. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to conduct a background check, especially if the role is a sensitive one.

4. Learn how to sell your company

Following hiring trends 2022 means you need to learn how to sell your company and outline features that make your offer stand out from the crowd. 

Candidates need to see that working for your company isn’t only a job but also an opportunity for personal and professional growth. So, make sure to present your company in the best light possible and focus on employer branding. This way, you’re more likely to attract specialists who will appreciate the opportunity to work for you.

5. Benefit from artificial intelligence to automate the process

In order to make the recruitment process more efficient, you can start using artificial intelligence. This technology can help you screen resumes, identify the most qualified candidates, and even conduct initial interviews. By using AI, you can save a lot of time and resources while still being able to find the best talent out there.

6. Build an internal talent pool

Finally, one of the best hiring trends 2022 to ensure a steady supply of high-quality candidates is to build an internal talent pool. This way, you can identify potential fits for the role early on and nurture their skills and talent so that they’re ready to take on more responsibility when the time comes.

The takeaway

Implementing simple modifications in the recruitment process and monitoring 2022 hiring trends will allow you to find and attract job candidates that will contribute to your team in the long-run. 

Hiring qualified specialists matching your work culture can be a challenge, so it’s worth following the latest trends to make the task easier.

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