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How to get a job through social media?

Statista reports that the average person spends about 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media per day. On the other hand, the Careerbuilder report shows that an average jobseeker spends around 11 hours per week on the job search. That is around 1 hour less than the time spend on social media per day! This is exactly why we decided to put together some simple tips on how to use your social media activity to get a job!

There is so much more to social media than a mindless scroll – if you play your cards right, you could be a few clicks away from landing yourself a dream job! In the post-pandemic market, we need to use all resources available to get the dream job. Creativity is the key to being noticed! Improving your online presence and getting clever with what you post online can lead to getting a dream job!

Scroll down to check these few simple tips on How to get a job through Social Media with PitchMe!

Follow and engage with the companies you would like to work for!

Every major company has a strong following on social media these days. They often use this advantage to search for new employers. It makes sense to hire candidates that are not only aware, but also supportive of the brand and the company. If you have any particular place in mind, where you would like to work, make sure you follow them on social media. It might be helpful to subscribe to their newsletter or set a notification alert for all their new posts.

Once you follow your dream workplace make sure to engage with their posts! Being familiar with the content they share can be handy when you manage to land an interview!

Facebook jobs

Facebook now has a new “Jobs” feature that allows businesses to post job vacancies on their FB page. The jobs will be visible to anyone who visits the page and also appear on the news feeds of users who have ‘liked’ the page.

Simply click on “Jobs” in the left column of your News Feed. There you can browse the adverts, search for specific roles, change your location or select an industry! Make sure to let us know if you found your dream job there – we are always happy to hear from our readers!

Facebook groups

Have you heard of Facebook groups? They create special communities connecting people interested in the same thing – in your case that would be job hunt. You can search for job groups specific to an industry, region, work environment – anything you like! Posting job offers there is free and employers often prefer to use Facebook Groups than popular job search platforms.

Be careful – don’t just join all possible groups available. A lot of them will contain just unfiltered SPAM, scammy pyramid scheme jobs or unpaid projects “for exposure”. Before you join a group – see how many posts per day they have. Usually, if it’s more than 5 posts per day it is likely that the group is full of spam. At the same time, if you can see that nobody poster in the group for weeks, it is most likely that the group is no longer active. Remember that groups that have more than a few thousand members can be also not worth joining as the competition can be too big or they also are simply full of spam.

Allow us shamelessly promote here our own Facebook group for job adverts – Startup Jobs in UK, Europe and Remote with PitchMe. If you join our community, we guarantee no spam, no fake job adverts, no advertisement or any other waste of time. Only real jobs in real companies that are free to apply for on our platform. Make sure to set notifications to not miss out on any new positions! Join the group HERE!

Share your portfolio online

Whether you are a designer, artist, developer or social media manager, it is likely that you have an online portfolio or project showcasing site. Make sure to keep it updated when looking for a job. Sharing your portfolio and promoting your best projects can bring some interest to your work and often lead to a job offer.

You don’t have an online portfolio yet? You can create one for free with Behance, Dribbble or even PitchMe! When other platforms involve some manual uploading and typing, with PitchMe you can simply upload links to your projects that are present online already and the platform creates your portfolio itself! One could say that creating a professional online portfolio has never been easier!

Keep your profiles updated

This advice might seem too obvious at first, but think about it – keeping your profiles updated doesn’t just mean to post on them regularly. It also means that you should check all your previous activity too. Some of our younger users created their social media accounts when still at school, being a teenager. the content posted at the time was aimed at our friends or family. However, employers often tend to check your past activity before inviting you for an interview. Do you really want them to see your freshers party photos from 2011?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to delete all your old posts. All social media channels allow us to hide our past activity or hide our entire activity from the public. The privacy functions give us a lot of flexibility so you can choose who will see your content. Depending on the position you are interested in, sometimes a few silly photos from the summer of 2015 can be better than not having an online presence at all.

Use your social media accounts to create accounts on job search platforms

Job search platforms often allow us to speed up the registration process by using different social media accounts to create an account on their site and skip a few manual steps of the registration process. Often you can use your Facebook or Google account during the registration, but some platforms will let you use Behance, Adobe or Twitter too.

At PitchMe we took this idea to the next level. Linking your existing profiles is the main step of registering on our platform. You can link all your online presence, whether it is an Instagram account or even an online games account, we use it all to automatically create your profile for you. The platforms that can be linked to your SmartMe profile are unlimited. If you would like to find out more about what can be used to create a free SmartMe profile, read our blog HERE!

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