How to Hire a Foreign Employee

How to Hire a Foreign Employee?

how to hire a foreign employee

Skilled international employees may become the cornerstone of your company. Such specialists can open your door to the global market, and help you grow. However, in order for this to happen, first you need to hire the right foreign employees. How to do it and what to pay attention to?

Hiring a remote employee – what to focus on?

There are a few key things to focus on when hiring a remote employee: 

  • Communication skills – a remote employee needs to be able to communicate effectively in the target language, both in writing and verbally. They should know how to convey their thoughts and ideas clearly, and be responsive to communication from other team members and managers.
  • Organizational skills – proper work organization and self-motivation are must-haves when talking about remote hiring. Employees should be able to keep track of their progress, deadlines, and projects in order to stay on top of their work without constant supervision.
  • Technical skills – nowadays, it’s not possible to work remotely effectively without computer, software, and other technical skills required for the job and communication.
  • Cultural fit – apart from outstanding qualifications, a remote employee should be a good fit for the company culture. To successfully communicate with the team, they should be compatible with the organizational values and work style.

hiring a foreign employee- how to do it?

Where to find the right foreign job candidates?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best place to find remote job candidates depends on the specific skills and experience that you’re looking for.

However, it’s worth starting your search with browsing online job boards, social media sites, and freelancer platforms. You can also reach out to relevant professional organizations like PitchMe that offers a deep-tech recruitment solution which will allow you to quickly find qualified candidates.

Keep in mind that in order to find the right foreign candidate, first you should write a transparent job description that will outline your requirements, job responsibilities, location, working conditions, as well as necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities a candidate should have.

Creating such a description will allow you to attract the right specialists and avoid many misunderstandings.

How can hiring foreign employees benefit your company?

Since you know how to hire a dedicated remote employee, now it’s time to discuss why you should do it.

Cooperation with remote specialists is a great way to:

  • Get access to a global talent pool – with the available technology, you can talk and cooperate with renowned experts from all over the world without leaving your office.
  • Reduce environmental impact – by hiring remote employees, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Save on office space and other workplace costsremote jobs make it possible to significantly decrease your operational costs related to paying the office space rent, gas, electricity, or water bills.
  • Benefit from increased flexibility and a 24-hour workday – with employees in different time zones, you can have someone working on your project and being available around the clock, which has a positive impact on customer experience and may give you a competitive edge over your market rivals.
  • Enjoy increased productivity of your teamstudies show that employees who work from the comfort of their homes are more productive than those who have to commute to the office.

The takeaway

Learning how to hire a remote employee can bring various benefits to your organization. In the new normal era, companies aren’t limited by geographical boundaries anymore and can effectively cooperate with skilled specialists from all over the globe.

Take advantage of professional recruitment solutions offered by PitchMe and see how hiring a foreign employee can help you grow your business.

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