Agent Extra

I wish I knew about Agent Extra

I wish I knew about Agent Extra!

Welcome to the new series at PitchMe where we introduce the coolest digital employers out there! Learn about the most exciting tech companies and digital startups, their company culture and how to apply for a job with them!

Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series!

About the company

Meet Agent Extra, the original one-stop prospecting service for estate agents. They are a London based team of property professionals working remotely. They specialize in generating new fully qualified valuations and instructions for independent estate agents across the UK using a combination of your old data along with the power of social media.

Agent Extra recently joined PitchMe in search of Telesales Executives. We spoke to Jack Holman, the director of Agent Extra, to get to know them better. Agent Extra is aspiring to be the best and most effective go-to lead generation for real estate agents.

Company culture

Jack shares with us that what’s most unique about them is the people who create Agent Extra. They all work remotely, sometimes from the same places and sometimes spread all over the world; Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Georgia and the UK just to name a few places. The most important value at Agent Extra is the people. Jack is proud to admit that Agent Extra always puts the team and clients as the top priority.

Jack tells us that everyone at Agent Extra is a big fan of the remote working lifestyle. “We fully support the hybrid working opportunities the world offers us now. No matter what roles we have here, they can be done with a good wifi connection”, he says. He believes some might be happier “working in an interesting new city or by a beach as opposed to a stale office with a commute twice a day” and he wants to give this opportunity to anyone who’s dreaming of working and travelling. 

Recruitment process

Since Agent Extra is hiring with PitchMe, we wanted to find out more about their recruitment processes before and after joining our platform. Jack revealed that “As a remote company our interviews are done first over the phone and following that by video call. Depending on the position there are 2 or 3 stages to this, speaking to various people at Agent Extra tasked with filling the advertised role. We always trial our roles, not just for us to see what you’re about but for you to see if Agent Extra fits in with how you’d like to work”.

Who they look for?

Agent Extra does sound like an attractive place to work at. In case you would be interested in joining their team, we’ve asked Jack what kind of candidates they are interested in and what would be the best way to apply.

Jack answers – “we’re not here to be trendy, what we care about is working with people who are different, care about what they do, get the job done and want to live a great life at the same time”. Agent Extra is “interested in you as a person, not what grades you got at school”, Jack says.

This is probably why they make such a great fit for PitchMe, where you can hire candidates based on their soft and hard skills, rather than concentrating on their previous employment or what school they attended. “PitchMe is the only business we’ve ever had the confidence in paying to help with our recruitment process”, he adds. “We love to work with forward-thinking businesses that share our values and ethos. We are fans and we’re excited to see how PitchMe develops as a business”.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining Agent Extra, you can apply by registering on our platform or by contacting Jack Holman directly on or via phone number 020 8012 8380.

If you want to join the project and tell us more about your company, contact us at

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