I wish I knew about Datuum

I wish I knew about Datuum!

I wish I knew about Datuum!


Welcome to the new series at PitchMe where we introduce the coolest digital employers out there! Learn about the most exciting tech companies and digital startups, their company culture, and how to apply for a job with them!

Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series!

About the company

Today we are introducing Datuum! They are an AI-enabled product that performs automated semantical analysis of raw data to simplify operations with data. Simply said – they help you get access to the organization’s data! 

We spoke to Irina Shymko, the Business Development Director, who kindly explained to us what Datuum is all about! “We have built a unique algorithm that recognizes the data and performs semantical analysis, so we get into the meaning of the data and name it for the user, to process it easier. This algorithm allows processing data, performing mappings and creating migrating scripts in a couple of days instead of months doing it manually”, she said.

It’s a great pleasure to learn about startups who share similar visions as we do, at PitchMe! Seems like both, Datuum and PitchMe are startups that created AI algorithms that are supposed to save one’s time on data processing, however in completely different ways and industries!

Datuum’s team

Company culture

Irina, when asked “What is it like to work at Datuum?”, confidently responded that Datuum is a place built by strongly focused professionals. “Every person knows what to do and they are passionate about the work they do. There is an atmosphere of creativity and focus on the result” she explained. When speaking to her, we could really feel like Datuum allows their employees to not only speak their minds but also be heard. Her comments on Datuum’s work culture definitely confirmed that too.

Datum has been a remote company from the start. Irina adds, that for them location is not important when hiring. They only care about candidates’ skills and experience. “We care about the results, not where someone lives”, she clarifies. “Right now remote working habit is extremely helpful as we are all Ukrainians and had to leave our homes. Three of us are abroad now and the rest of the team has moved to safe places in Ukraine. We know how to work from trains, planes, basements, shelters, or temporary places of living and still keep being productive”, Irina shares. 

Recruitment process

“Datuums hiring process is rather simple”, Irina says. She revealed they usually use their own network to find the best candidates. Those recommended by the team usually gain priority in the hiring process, due to the mutual trust and reliance between the employees. This is quite standard practice when it comes to hiring processes in startups. In the early-stage development of the company, it is crucial to hire exceptional candidates who will think outside the box and really put their heart into the project’s development. Those that think alike stick together. Hence recommendations from exceptional employees are worth a lot!

Irina mentioned, that when hiring, they also often research companies that cancel projects and let go off teams, to quickly pick them up and have them join Datuum. This is also a very common practice in recruitment! “Unfortunately, nowadays there are many of them. Once the candidate appears on the radar, we arrange just one interview with our CTO to get all the technical details and afterwards make a decision. Often, the decision is made right during the conversation”, Irina adds.

When asked about the most important hiring trend in 2022, Irina confidently responds “Hiring Ukrainians”. As she rightfully points out, “they are very skilled and they are in the biggest need today. I believe, that they desperately require some stability in their lives, one of which is a job for sure”. We couldn’t agree more! This is why we continuously update our Notion page with tech job opportunities for candidates from Ukraine. 

What’s the best way to apply to join Datuum? “Just contact our CTO or CEO via direct message on Linkedin or Twitter or apply through our website”, says Irina. 

If you want to join the project and tell us more about your company, contact us at anna@pitchme.co

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