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I wish I knew about GoCanvas!

Introducing Employers

I wish I knew about GoCanvas!

At PitchMe, we want to inspire hiring employers and help candidates who are looking for jobs. This is why we keep bringing new exciting startups to our series called #PitchmeEmployersIntro where you can get to know them better! 

Learn about the most exciting tech companies and digital startups, their company culture, and how to apply for a job with them! Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series! 

Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series! 

About the company

Kiersten Helmey from GoCanvas

This week we are introducing GoCanvas! They are a mobile platform that makes it simple for any business to automate how work is done, replacing outdated processes and expensive paperwork. The GoCanvas App works on all smartphones and tablets, helping companies easily collect information across their organization, share it instantly with others and gain real-time insights into their business operations.

To find out more about what they do, we spoke to Kiersten Helmey, a Lead Recruiter at GoCanvas. She explained to us that GoCanvas is modernizing how their customers work, by automating and streamlining how businesses share and collect their data through their central workflow platform.

Company culture

We get it, GoCanvas is about data, workflow, automation etc. But we wanted to know, what is unique about them! Kiersten explained – “We’ve been around for 14 years, and since then have grown across the US, Australia and South Africa where our cheeky and obsessed team members reside! We are at a really exciting growth period as we scale not only our teams but our product into leading this data collection transformation. We hit $50mil in April and are exciting to continue onwards and upwards!”. Well done, go GoCanvas!


When asked what is it like to work at GoCanvas, Kiersten revealed they are trying to change how they work for both, their customers and themselves! “By leveraging the diverse perspectives our employees bring to the table, our team members can show up as their authentic selves and bring that same authenticity to the customers we’re obsessed with supporting”.

Kiersten describes their team as highly-collaborative. “We thrive on change to solve problems at a rapid pace, but can only do so by failing fast, leading with empathy and holding mutual respect for one another”. She also added that they are committed to creating a flexible and autonomous environment that allows all of their team members to shine and strive daily because only in this way they can make an actual, meaningful impact on their work and their customers. 

Last, but not least, it is worth a mention that GoCanvas is a “remote-first” company (in 27 states in the US, Australia, and South Africa!) and they do not require relocation.

Recruitment process

We must admit, GoCanva really does seem like a great place to work and this is why we just had to find out how exactly one can get a job with them! Kiersten, as a Lead Recruiter, was the best person to explain it to us in detail. She revealed that there are usually around 3-4 rounds of interviews. “Each interview starts with a Recruiting Phone Screen (30mins), followed by a 45min Zoom interview with the hiring manager, and then the last round is usually Team Panel interviews (usually two 30-45min panels, with two team members max on that panel). Certain roles may have a final with our Senior leader of that team, but usually for the top 1-2 candidates and it’s just a quick 15min introduction”, she added.

Now that you know what kind of interview process to expect, you might wonder how to apply. Kiersten recommended doing it directly through GoCanva’s website as they keep it up to date with all the currently opened roles. 

Hiring trends in 2022

Since Kiersten was a fellow recruitment industry representative, we wanted to ask her opinion on the current hiring trends for 2022. “DEIB has taken a rightful centre stage over the last 3+ years, I think getting as many talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and locations in front of hiring managers is one of the most important parts from a hiring perspective. Culture additions vs Culture fit – we want your unique mind to add value, not just be another version of who we already have! We want your authentic self!” she responded.

We couldn’t agree more! This is why at PitchMe, we work toward unbiased, more inclusive hiring through matching candidates and job adverts based on the skills requirements. At PitchMe we don’t reveal a candidate’s background like gender or nationality. We concentrate on their real-life skills to make sure we offer equal opportunities.

If you want to join the project and tell us more about your company, contact us at anna@pitchme.co!

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