I wish I knew about Radically Digital!

I wish I knew about Radically Digital!

At PitchMe, we want to inspire hiring employers and help candidates who are looking for jobs. This is why we keep bringing new exciting startups to our series called #PitchmeEmployersIntro where you can get to know them better! 

Learn about the most exciting tech companies and digital startups, their company culture, and how to apply for a job with them! Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series! 

Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series! 

Felicity Atherton

About the company

This week we are introducing Radically Digital! They are a born-digital Tech Consultancy empowering companies to scale and overcome challenges!

To find out more about the company culture and hiring processes, we spoke to Felicity Atherton, the Senior Talent Partnership Associate at Radically Digital. She explained to us that their mission is to empower Startups, Scale-ups and organisations to be more competitive and facilitate growth.

Radically Digital utilises enterprise-level expertise gained from solving challenges at global organisations to empower founders, in designing and engineering powerful digital products. We work in partnership with clients ensuring they understand not only what, but also how to build”, said Felicity.

We wanted to find out what really differentiates Radically Digital from their competitors. “We strategise, discover, build and deliver modern, user centric tech. It can be seen through our clients testimonials which empower our team to continue striving and pushing to deliver high quality solutions.

Taking part in RAD’s growth, we have a clear direction as to where Radically Digital is headed and what needs to be achieved. We get transparency throughout the development of our strategy so we’re able to forecast and adapt in an agile manner” explained Felicity.

Radically Digital team lunch

Company culture

Radically Digital offers a “balanced working culture”. “Our consultants get to work on a variety of projects where they can feel heard to deliver some outstanding solutions and products to our clients. We ensure there is a work life balance and are creating a working culture where people are empowered to share ideas and work collaboratively as a team”, Felicity explained.

Radically Digital wants the team to grow with the company – they offer bi-yearly performance reviews, an L&D program and many social events to bring the team together. Felicity says they work hard and make sure they celebrate the wins. “Working at Radically Digital is exciting! You get to take part in our growth, working as a unit to put in place optimal processes while delivering some exciting tech to some amazing clients. You can see the impact and value you add to RAD on a day to day basis. On top of this, the team is an inspiration who knows the true meaning of working together”, she added.

Felicity pointed out that they are concentrating on building a people focused culture. “You can show up as your true authentic self and feel empowered to make a daily impact. We currently have over 25 different nationalities¬†and truly live the benefits of sharing ideas amongst a diverse group of people”.

Many companies introduced in the #PitchmeEmployersIntro series are working remotely. Radically Digital offers a hybrid working model, which is a mixture of remote and office based work.

The team!

Recruitment process

If Radically Digital sounds like a place for you, you must wonder how to apply. When asked about details of their hiring operations, Felicity states that they “focus on delivering a personalised recruitment experience to build relationships with candidates. We understand that looking for a new job can be extremely stressful for candidates, so we want to alleviate that pressure as much as possible”.

They usually have a three stage interview process from a screen call, technical round and then final. Felicity suggested, that the best way to apply is through their website or LinkedIn page.

Hiring Trends 2022

We asked Felicty what, in her opinion, is the most important hiring trend this year. She believes hiring team members that have transferable skills is what’s crucial during recruitment in 2022.

“We are very open to career switchers and can definitely see the benefits of building a team with people that have come from different professional backgrounds. Being in consulting, our team needs to be able to deliver from a technical standpoint but also build strong client relationships.”

And what do you think are the most interesting or important hiring trends this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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