I wish I knew about Spiky!

I wish I knew about Spiky!


At PitchMe, we want to inspire hiring employers and help candidates who are looking for jobs. This is why we keep bringing new exciting startups to our series called #PitchmeEmployersIntro where you can get to know them better! 

Learn about the most exciting tech companies and digital startups, their company culture, and how to apply for a job with them! Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series! 

Find out what to expect during the recruitment process and what to do to really nail your job application! If you are still looking for a place that would be a good culture fit for you, we hope we can ease your search with this series! 

Furkan Eris

About the company

This week we are introducing Spiky! They empower online meetings and education programs and make them more efficient and engaging using artificial intelligence.

To find out more about the company culture and hiring processes, we spoke to the CEO, Furkan Eris. He explained to us that their mission is to help people communicate better.

Inspired by people, we have seen that communication is very important in every aspect of life. We believe that the best potential in people comes from understandhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/furkan-eris/ing each other. People are what makes organisations thrive. Our mission is to build algorithms to optimise employee interactions and enhance their experience“, said Furkan.

Company culture

Spiky got several, well established values that form the company culture they have now. “Show respect”, “Love users” and “Insist on greatness” are only a few of them. Furkan calls them their “guiding star”.

Company values and culture at Spiky.ai

We wanted to find out how it feels to work at Spiky. Like many other companies introduced in the #PitchmeEmployersIntro series, Spiky is also a big supporter of the Remote Revolution. “We are fully remote and have developed a system that embraces flexibility, our team is distributed all over the world”, shared Furkan.

On top of that, Spiky employees don’t have any set working times. They let each other know when they are online and use tools like Slack or Discord to communicate and connect with one another. Everyone takes breaks whatever day and time they need it as well. “We are first and foremost a people-driven company that looks for effort and results and doesn’t get stuck on ideology or other things. Whenever the company succeeds at something, the employees succeed along with it in the form of extra benefits and bonuses”, shared Furkan.

Furkan refers to his team as “a group of superstars”. He shared that at Spiky, each role is personalised and almost tailored to every employee’s strengths and skills. This not only contributes to better working conditions, but also allows the company to benefit from everything that employees have to offer, he said.

Recruitment process

When asked about details of their hiring operations, Furkan states that it varies depending on the role. “Typically we have 3 stages for technical roles and 2 for non-technical roles”, he said. Recruitment process is fully remote and they are currently hiring for several roles.

Furkan suggests that before applying, you check out Spiky’s website and blog, especially the one on hiring engineering teams. The best way to apply is through LinkedIn or by sending your CV to hello@spiky.ai

Spiky’s team

Hiring Trends 2022

We asked Furkan what, in his opinion, is the most important hiring trend this year. He shared the common opinion on remote working and hiring.

“Remote or flexible working is here to stay. Companies that try to force coming back to the office, quickly suffer from talent losses. Apple lost their top cited researcher when they tried to force him to do 3 days a week in the office. On the other hand, Airbnb got 600k applications for the fully remote jobs. People love remote work, companies just need to learn how to manage it better.”

And what do you think are the most interesting or important hiring trends this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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