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How to improve your Behance for jobhunting?

How to improve your Behance for jobhunting?

As a designer, your digital footprint is a showcase of your professional skills. This unique trail of data is created while using the internet and employers are actively looking at yours to make sure you’re the right fit for their role. Our research of over 50,0000 candidates indicates that designers can do so much more to improve theirs, starting with Behance.

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Improve your chances of employment or new contract with these 5 practical tips to optimise your Behance account:

1. Your Behance profile

Behance is one of the largest portfolio websites. It is used by potential clients & creatives to find the best work out there.

First, recruiters use a rich set of search parameters, including creative fields, tags, location, tools used, education and so on. Make sure you fill in the following information in your profile:

Behance profile description
  • country of your residence. If you are considering relocation indicate it in your position title (eg. “Ready to relocate”, “Considering contracts in London/Paris/Lisbon”);
  • clear job title;
  • link your personal website in your job title (if you have one).

Example link:

2. Upload your Resume

If you are open for new opportunities or maximise networking opportunities, we advise you to upload your resume with up-to-date information.

Employers will check examples of companies/clients you worked for and positions you held previously. Other members of the community also search for co-minded people and might engage you in project work, so it is always a good idea to update your employment. 

Bonus tip: indicate seniority of your position (eg. “Art Director”, “Senior UX designer”, “Junior graphic designer”).

3. Write a paragraph about yourself

Be clear about who you are, what you do, your expertise and contact details. Write it carefully since people who will hire you have less time to look into your portfolio. So make it clear & easy to read:

  • your email;
  • outline services you provide;
  • your availability. 
  • name tools you are using (eg. Sketch, Figma)

4. Connect social media

Let people know more about you. Connect social media related to your professional profile.

Bonus tip: before sharing social media account, make sure there is no content you do not want your future employer to see is available.

5.1. Share your best work

You have only a few seconds to catch the eye of the viewer or potential clients. So we recommend sharing only the best work or putting that type of work on top.

Example link:

5.2. Work on your portfolio

The best way to grab attention is to keep it simple as much as possible. The best way to make it look nice is by making a decent 808x632px cover size & making it pop with the best shot inside the project or case study.

Adding a stunning detailed description of the project is a must. By adding a brief description in every part of the project helps to understand what was the goal and how you achieved it.

Bonus tip: Update your portfolio by adding a project that you have completed. We suggest adding 1 project every month. This is a good way to make people know that you are active.

Download our full guidebook for designers on how to optimise your Digital Footprint here.

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