Land your dream job with your blog

Running a blog? You can land a dream job with it!

Did you know that anything you do online leaves a personal digital footprint? Our research of over 50,0000 candidates indicates that your blog is extremely important when looking for a new job. A blog can showcase to an employer your expertise in a certain area and the required knowledge and career goals for a job within their company. 

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If you think that your blog can be improved then focus on these three elements:

1. Setup

  • Determine a suitable web host, either shared hosting (a good starter option), Virtual Private Server or dedicated hosting based on your needs;
  • Select a memorable, unique domain name.

2. Content and Writing

  • Be consistent with the subject area (e.g. Frontend Development), don’t just rant about anything that comes to mind. Keep it professional. Establish authority in a relevant field;
  • Share useful stories on how to address development/coding challenges. Your network will appreciate your insights as well as potential employers.
  • Keep the writing style easy-to-understand and engaging. Proofread and spell check content before publishing. Include coding snippets where relevant;
  • Keep updated with latest trends, news, other blogs and books to improve your content.

Bonus tip: A blog further showcases your area(s) of expertise, communication, documentation and technical skills to potential employers. Blog traffic also naturally builds your visibility and reputation within the developer community.

3. Visuals and Layout

Website blog layout illustrations
  • Organise content logically and use relevant content tags
  • Include relevant visuals in each blog post
  • Select a theme and layout which is visually appealing

Download our full guidebook for IT professionals or Designers on how to optimise your Digital Footprint here. 

Here at PitchMe we use data you provide from your blog, a number of other sources and more to build you a real-time snap of your skills, what we call a SmartMe profile. We’ll then present your profile anonymously to employers, including only relevant information about experience and skills to match you with a job suitable for your skillset.

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