Optimize recruitment process

How to Optimize Your Recruitment Process to Ensure You Save Time and Find the Best Talent

Optimize Your Recruitment Process to Ensure You Save Time and Find the Best Talent

recruitment process optimisation

The job market during the pandemic is two-fold: a large supply of would-be workers and a dilemma of labour shortage. There are approximately 9.7 million Americans who are actively looking for work as cited in a New York Times article. All industries are facing uncertainty, and recruiting is no special. Hence, to remain competitive in today’s challenging market, it is necessary to broaden recruitment efforts and optimize the recruitment process. 

Read more to learn how to optimize the recruitment process in your company.

Ditch the resume

Recruiters are used to the traditional way of collating resumes, narrowing them into a pile, and accidentally throwing out some of the best candidates. In a Fast Company article, recruiters are suggested to consider “proof of skills” more than the primary data sources that the candidate themselves provide, such as their resume or LinkedIn profile. Allowing candidates to provide sources or outputs relevant to the job role is one way to obtain “proof of skills.” This reveals how the candidate thinks and how they perceive your company through their output.

In line with this were Educause findings revealing that out of the 5,310 employers that were surveyed, 56% said yes to looking at e-portfolios on the screening process in the coming years. 

If you don’t have the time to do this, then you may opt for an online recruitment software, especially if there are many potential applicants for the position. 

PitchMe puts a high priority on skills. This software creates an overview of the hard and soft skills that an applicant possesses by analyzing the digital sources, portfolio, blogs, and certificates they provided. Additionally, a summary of the suitable working environment is also given. From here, you can quickly assess whether the applicant will fit in the company’s workplace culture without going through the hassle of sorting through piles of resumes.

Don’t underestimate interns

Another way to optimize recruitment and fill positions in your company is by running an internship program. You may discover talents among your interns that you can develop further. Students are eager to land an internship as they don’t want to struggle on figuring out how to get a job without experience.

NACE Internship & Co-Op survey revealed that more than 50 percent of the interns are absorbed as full-time employees at the companies they interned for. This figure shows that internships may also be used as a recruiting tool. Moreover, you will be able to set up these future employees for success early on as they are oriented earlier with what to expect as they work in the company.

Rethink job descriptions

Cambridge University Press’ article states that the recruitment and selection process consists of several phases, starting with the attraction phase. Therefore, it is a must to provide a detailed and accurate job description because this is the first thing that job applicants are looking at. You’re missing out on a significant number of potential hires with a poorly-written job description. 

Chron provided an outline of a good job description which lists the following as crucial components: 

  • general overview,
  • job duties
  • the purpose of the job
  • goals and objectives
  • scope of the work
  • working conditions
  • qualifications

Suppose you’re a little overwhelmed with this long list. In that case, you may delegate this task to PitchMe as it is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), which creates an engaging job description in 5 minutes.

Use existing recruitment tech

With the restrictions, job applicants are left with no choice, but technology has afforded companies to reach applicants still online. In fact, the best recruitment software with a career page hosting, allows sharing job descriptions, stores CVs and other proofs of skills, filters and categorizes applicants, and has an existing pool of marketable candidates will make recruitment easier.

Take, for instance, PitchMe, one of the available recruitment software online that has a database of candidates that are already customized to your vacancy. Another key feature of PitchMe is the automatic ranking and shortlisting of candidates based on their fit to the position and the company. You can easily mark and select the applicants through the funnel with a single click.

Shorten your recruiting process

By applying the above-mentioned points to optimize recruitment process, you’ll welcome worthy candidates to your team. Remember that applicants lose interest in a lengthy recruitment process. Hence, it’s best to equip your recruiters with recruitment tools to automate and streamline tasks. PitchMe is one of the options that you can easily access, which were trusted by several companies like Miro, Typeform, Intercom, Trax, etc.

For non-recruiters, whether you’re a student thinking of how to choose a college degree or a fresh graduate wondering how to get a remote job, there’s also a wide array of blogs available for your use here at PitchMe.

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