PitchMe and other companies at startup grind europe

PitchMe at Startup Grind Europe

On the 6th of June, London was the host to an exciting startup-focused conference Startup Grind. Over 3,000 startups, investors and innovators have attended the event and spent the day networking, discussing the future of startups and taking part in other inspiring activities.

100 promising startups were chosen to exhibit as part of their Startup Grind program and we are delighted to say that PitchMe was one of them. Additionally, we were among 20 startups to gain access to an invite-only community – Accelerate. The purpose of this opportunity is to provide selected startups all the tools and resources needed to further their business.


Exhibiting startups were divided in ‘Grind’ and ‘Growth’ category, based on whether they have raised a seed round under or above the $3M mark. Those in the Growth stage were granted a premium position to exhibit, while both receive on-site branding and the opportunity to showcase the business to thousands of attendees.

Applicants were chosen based on their high-potential and fast-growth, focusing on those early stage companies that perform the most promising potential. As part of this program, startups have the chance to showcase their businesses at the Startup Grind Europe in London and the Global Conference in Silicon Valley. Over 2 million entrepreneurs from around the world are already part of the Startup Grind community, where they actively educate, inspire and connect with one another. Thanks to their work, numerous startups have gained access to mentorship opportunities, have made new connections with partners and pursued funding.

PitchMe at tech event startup grind

By joining this exclusive program, PitchMe had the chance to give a 1-minute pitch on the main stage, to exhibit at a prime location during the conference and to attend curated investor meetings.

The Accelerate Community

The day before the Startup Grind conference, we all took part in an exclusive pre-conference event dedicated to each team and had a chance to connect with the Accelerate founders. As part of this experience, we also received valuable feedback on our business and were able to take part in curated investor meetings and to be introduced to partners. Additionally, this also granted us a nomination for the Europe Conference “Startup Exhibition Winner” Award.

Following these two inspiring days, Accelerate will continue to provide support to us for during the year. Joining this innovative global community will provide us with the chance to take part in investor matchmaking, receive exclusive partner offers and more exciting opportunities.

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