PitchMe Candidate’s Success Story of a Senior Software Engineer for Miro

PitchMe Candidate’s Success Story of a Senior Software Engineer for Miro

My name is Oleg and I am a Front-End Team Lead from Yekaterinburg, Russia. I’m here to tell you a story about my Mirofication with the help of PitchMe.

It was an ordinary April, 1 when Anastasiya contacted me and asked about my job marital status. I must admit, it was quite a surprise that someone decided to contact a person who had an almost blank LinkedIn profile with a photo of me holding a beer and a very tasty ice cream of pink colour, but I’d call it Anastasiya’s serendipity. After some friendly conversation including my doubts about the disproportion of my skills and requirements in the vacancies Miro had, Nastya finally persuaded me to discuss some details about work at Miro and the hiring process. The communication was smooth and easy-going, so I became interested in the position. So, thank you Anastasiya, I appreciate your support!

Success Story
Oleg Semichev

Then something terrible happened: after screening with Anastasiya, I was told that everything’s okay and my contacts will be sent to Miro. That’s the time when I was cruelly abandoned for a month and a half. It appears that my email address is not suitable for spelling it right and all of the precious emails flew in the wrong direction. After some time Dina, the Founder of PitchMe, contacted me with a fair question – “Why do you ignore Oksana from Miro, Oleg?“. So, that’s how we found out that everybody needs to have some human-readable email address. So, thank you Dina, I appreciate your thoroughness!

The next person I communicated with was Oksana, an HR recruiter from Miro. She answered every little meticulous question of mine with calmness and friendliness. Oksana gave me information about the upcoming interviews, so I had an idea of what to expect from them. Also, everything about the offer was discussed with Oksana. So, thank you Oksana, I appreciate your patience!

There were four stages in the interview process. The process was very intuitive and convenient to proceed with. Truth be told, at first, I just wanted to try myself in a job interview for a big company because the last time I did it, amphibians were coming ashore. But the further I went into the interviews, the more I thought about it seriously. Every problem-solving stage was interesting and not as difficult as I had expected. Also, the interviewers were always polite, positive and outgoing. So, thank you, dear interviewers, I appreciate your sociability!

So, here I am with an offer from Miro for a Senior Front-End Engineer position in Berlin. Long story short – the communication at every point was incredible, the interview process was interesting and the result was surprising. The whole process took 3 months, but it wasn’t a problem for me. Overall rating is 9 out of 10 – yes, I’ll change my email address eventually.

Now I’m looking forward to being part of an incredible product. I’m open to the new technologies and skills to master. Thanks again to everyone from PitchMe and Miro whom I have met along this way!

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