PitchMe and Greenhouse Integration

PitchMe Integrates With Greenhouse to Save Hiring Professionals Up to 80% of Time

Greenhouse and PitchMe Integration
Greenhouse and PitchMe Integration

PitchMe Integrates With Greenhouse to Save Hiring Professionals Up to 80% of Time

The AI-powered solution facilitates candidate profile enriching, matching, and shortlisting capabilities within the leading applicant tracking system (ATS)

Today, skills-based talent marketplace PitchMe officially announces the integration of its SaaS product with a leading applicant tracking system (ATS), Greenhouse

The integration allows recruiters and hiring managers to update candidate profiles with up-to-date employment and education history, skills and experience in a matter of seconds using PitchMe’s highly accurate, AI-powered profiling solution. 

With PitchMe in Greenhouse, candidate profiles are enriched with external data sources such as LinkedIn, social media, professional websites, portfolios, personal websites, or more recent CVs, for better matching and shortlisting instantly. 

PitchMe’s technology deeply analyses candidate profiles, generating thousands of data points for each profile, which then allows recruiters to search and access the right candidates using deep criteria, as opposed to keywords. 

Removing bias in hiring

Because PitchMe builds digitally enriched employee profiles by focusing on employee skills with identifying factors anonymised, it helps to remove bias in hiring. Candidates are prioritised and matched for their skills, which are automatically updated so that each profile stays current and relevant. 

With PitchMe integrated into Greenhouse, the anonymised candidate matching is based on candidate-submitted information, bolstered with validated external data, ensuring that hiring decisions are made based on skills and merit. Candidates are vetted and matched based on skills and data analysed from over 32 sources.  

Saving recruiters time in the hiring process

PitchMe integration into Greenhouse saves recruiters up to 80% of the time spent screening and shortlisting candidates for open roles. PitchMe’s matching process automatically matches and shortlists candidates for open roles, using deep criteria such as skills, years of experience, industry sectors, career path, academic background and more. 

Thanks to PitchMe’s smart, anonymised matching process that is linked to external data, recruiters save time making calls to candidates and researching LinkedIn profiles to update information manually. Profiles are dynamically updated, remaining in the Greenhouse database to be used in future matching and shortlisting processes. 

“CVs become outdated quickly and are subject to unconscious bias. As the workplace evolves to take on more flexible ways of working, companies have a greater need to identify candidate skills that cannot be expressed on a traditional CV,” said PitchMe Co-Founder & CEO, Dina Bayasanova. “With PitchMe, we’ve applied AI, machine learning and a skills-based approach to candidate profiling. This gives recruiters better insight into candidates’ skills and helps make better matches for open positions. Adding this integration into Greenhouse means that recruiters and hiring managers can now make smarter and more dynamic hiring decisions, whilst helping combat unconscious bias in the process.”

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