PitchMe integration with Bullhorn

PitchMe integration with Bullhorn: save up to 80% of time screening and shortlisting candidates

What happens when an AI-powered, skills-based talent platform meets the number one Applicant Tracking System for staffing agencies? 

Thanks to PitchMe’s integration with Bullhorn, you can now update candidates’ employment and education history in a matter of seconds. Enriching information obtained from a CV with external data sources such as social media, coding and design websites, portfolio, blogs and others saves you time updating applicants’ profiles manually. 

Our Integrated Vision

Many staffing firms choose to partner with PitchMe to screen and shortlist candidates for their clients because they run into the same problem: their database is their main asset, but unfortunately, CVs become outdated in a short period of time and it can be very time consuming and expensive to update your candidates’ profiles manually.

Furthermore, as the workplace environment evolves and society adopts more flexible, decentralised ways of working, companies have an increasing need to identify candidate skills that cannot be expressed on an old-school CV. 

At PitchMe, we apply AI, machine learning and a skills-based approach to candidates’ profiling: 

  • Recruiters do not need to make calls to candidates or research LinkedIn to update information manually. With PitchMe, they have up-to-date information on any candidates in their database in a matter of clicks
  • PitchMe also improves matching between candidates and positions, making screening and shortlisting operations more efficient

How it Works

PitchMe’s skills-based profile will be available for each candidate on your Bullhorn candidates list. Any missing information about employment and education is filled in from LinkedIn, the candidate’s social media, personal website or more recent CV.

External links and resources related to a candidate will be automatically connected to the profile so that any changes on a candidate’s LinkedIn profile are reflected in your database instantly. Our AI algorithm cross-checks all profiles, verifying information and ensuring accuracy. 

The information we generate allows you to smartly search and access the right candidates by using deep search criteria instead of keywords. As part of your deep criteria, you will be able to search for candidates by defining things such as skill + years of experience, industry sectors, career path, academic background, etc.

The updated profiles will remain in your database, ready to be used in future matching and shortlisting processes. 

To use our matching algorithm within Bullhorn, you only need to select the position you are staffing, click on the “PitchMe” tab and get a list of automatically matched and ranked candidates, in a matter of seconds. You can then apply more enhanced search criteria using filters such as salary, location, skills required and more. 

Check out our demo video to see PitchMe’s integration with Bullhorn in action.

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