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PitchMe – Overview

Solution overview

Current recruitment that relies on CVs is often driven by stereotypes and doesn’t offer equal opportunities for employment. 

PitchMe creates a unique talent marketplace in the recruitment landscape. It empowers candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities allowing anyone with relevant skillset to apply for a position regardless of their age, gender, formal educational background and employment history. We introduce an anonymous skillsourcing process, relying on multilayer profiling of candidate’s skills and matchmaking between those offering their skills and those who need them.

By analysing a range of digital sources, the profile identifies what skills a person has, and what he needs to improve in order to qualify for a particular occupation. It shows existing workers new ways of transitioning between occupations and sectors where their skillset is demanded.

We aim to create a talent ecosystem that supports inclusive employment and continuous upskilling and reskilling for the future of jobs.

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What problem we are solving?

The core aim of recruitment is to unlock the humankind potential. Although we generally recognise its massive importance, five major problems are present in today’s recruitment market landscape:

  1. CV is not an accurate tool of professional presentation.
  2. Recruitment is a long, biased and expensive process. 
  3. Costs of recruitment mistakes are higher for SMEs. A right person can make a tremendous impact on business whereasa wrong one can cost fatal losses.
  4. Recruiter’s database is not utilised to full potential. Recruiters are using only 30% of their databases.
  5. Online Education does not solve the disconnect between learning new skills and rapidly changing employment market.

Organisational structures are more dynamic and flexible today and jobs are moving away from being role-based. Businesses are not recruiting people around ‘roles’ anymore. Previously, the most important criteriawas a good CV, now it’s attitude and motivation of the candidate. Companies want people with different backgrounds and the right ‘attitude sets’.

Traditional recruitment often fails to deliver results due to inability to identify and assess candidate’s skills. Disruptive technologies are bringing rapid changes to the way people work. In fact, some roles are evolving so fast that the job specs are not clear and recruiters do not know where to look for candidates. Students and young professionals are trying to adjust to rapidly changing business environment and invest time and money into university education and online courses. However, 81% of recruiters screen out entry-level candidates because their career story is not obvious and their skills need verification.

Who are we serving?

1. We target the most vulnerable audience of the recruitment process: people who did not nave chance to acquire higher education (formal education) due to various reasons. Those candidates who are trying to adjust to rapidly changing business environment have no ability to invest time and money into university education. 

2. Career shifters  and candidates with non-obvious career story who are also challenged by the fact that current recruitment judges candidate mostly based on their employment history.

3. SMEs with no internal HR team and with a limited recruitment budget. At the moment we are working with tech and creative sectors, but are planning to expand to wider industries (financial, sales, management, etc.) 

4.  Online education platforms – PitchMe will be an outsourced career service for MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses).

What is our solution?

We designed a new tool of professional self-presentation – SmartMe profile.  It offers a new framework for candidate’s digital professional identity. It allows PitchMe not only to create a comprehensive picture of hard and soft skills as well as psychometric profile, but also to advise how to improve employability in order to address the emergent needs of the market. 

 Our proprietary methodology enables us to work with following data sources (collecting all data with candidate’s consent):

– social networks

– professional and freelance websites

– media and personal blogs

– portfolio websites

– online gaming.

Our matching algorithm supports inclusion and equality by relying only on skills.

High schools and Universities use our Skills Map to gain a bird’s eye view on the modern employment trends and tailor education plans to meet needs and trends of the emerging job market. By creating a profile with us at the beginning of the course and getting access to recommendations from our platform, student select modules that will prepare them for the future work.

Our marketplace connects online education providers and offers personalised suggestions of education modules based on the analysis of the job market demand.

Why our solution works?

As we have been operating since 2017, we have a number of success stories which we use as an evidence of the efficiency of our product. We have worked on average with 150 employers and keep track of our performance based on their feedback. So far it is:

– 60% more accurate initial shortlisting

– 2 in 17 our candidates receive job offer

– 90% pass trial period.

We also have success stories of candidates, when they found a dream job via our platform but not via a recruiter. They could not pass the initial stage of the interview with the recruiter because of the “no fit” criteria. Reasons they had been rejected: gender, employment history, education. When they applied via our platform – they had been hired by the employer they were aiming for.

Why are we best-placed to deliver this solution?

Our team has a unique skillset and knowledge that distinguishes us from other HR tech companies. Our co-founders have over 30 year of experience in total and come from various backgrounds: academia, business and IT.

We have have been nominated for multiple Awards recognising our project and team:

1. City Rising Start Award 2017

2. Young Professional of the Year Award, 2017.

3. AIconics, AI for good, 2019

4. Europas Award, Best HR tech, 2019

5. MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge, 2019

Our data scientists and psychologists have vast experience in working with big data and behavioural studies. 


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