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PitchMe vs Dating Apps?

PitchMe vs Dating Apps?

There is no better day to bring up the similarities between PitchMe and dating apps, than Valentine’s day!

Forget endless swiping and endless CV screenings! Instead you could be matched with an ideal candidate, based on your detailed preferences. Rather than having to go through all the candidates and chose them based on irrelevant information (star sign, employment history?), we will match you with the candidates that require your exact skills!

Unlike dating apps, you will not get catfished on PitchMe. We have a quality control team making sure every candidate on our site is who they say they are. In fact, we use several online sources to check their identity! LinkedIn, GitHub, social media platforms or even online games – these are only ways we can veryfi candidate’s skills!

Tired of reading the same boring dating app bios? Wornout “I like pizza, wine and travelling” or an unhelpful “If you want to get to know me, just ask”? They say as much about a person as the University they went to or the company they previously worked at, right? Forget “Here for a good time, not a long time” and find yourself a serious candidate, a real keeper, at PitchMe! Don’t choose based on their star signs, photos or employment history. Chose between candidates that match the exact skills your job requires!

Let PitchMe be your cupid this Valentine’s and just like a dating app, match you with the perfect candidate you were searching for all your life!

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