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PitchMe at Recruitment Agency Expo 2022 in London

PitchMe at Recruitment Agency Expo 2022 in London

Author: Dina Bay

This year we were thrilled to attend Recruitment Agency Expo, the leading event in London recruitment aimed at showcasing the latest insights, trends and innovative solutions in the industry of helping people pitch their skills. 

Held in London’s Kensington neighbourhood, this year’s expo marked the 10th anniversary of the event and was the first time PitchMe was in attendance to participate and present its solution to leading UK-based and global recruitment companies. 

During the event, we were proud to share our insight with new colleagues, identify emergent movements, and explore the most pressing challenges recruiters face today. 

One of our biggest takeaways was learning about the increase in new deployments of automation software designed to cut costs and save time by streamlining everything from scheduling calls to finding new leads in the highly volatile post-COVID jobs market.

Not only is the current candidate pool still very frothy, but that uncertainty and constant change has affected corresponding CRM-housed candidate pools and have made them increasingly less relevant as so many people have changed careers in the past two years.

As centralized databases become increasingly irrelevant, it becomes extremely challenging to help quality candidates find placements they are an absolute fit for, and love. A new tool for sourcing candidates and generating leads needs to happen yesterday.

But what should this tool look like? According to recruiters, it needs to be strongly focused on candidate intelligence. Namely, the current generation of recruiters wants a tool to help them pitch jobs to candidates who might not be actively looking for that next rung-up in their career yet but would more than likely jump at the chance to climb higher if given so. Thus, a more proactive approach to recruitment consultancy is needed, one that marries the abilities of the current generation of recruiters in sourcing leads from disparate sources with that of an AI-enabled scouting resource.

In pivoting to a skills-based approach to recruitment, we believe PitchMe can offer this replacement to traditional CV-based recruitment and help streamline today’s convoluted talent pool. During the expo, PitchMe’s team presented more than 50 demos and felt empowered by the positive feedback we received. The conversations we had during this year’s Recruitment Agency Expo demonstrated that our team holds a common understanding of the challenges recruiters face, as well as a common vision as to how to address these challenges.

Moving forward, we look in the next few short months to see full integration with popular recruiting CRMs and applicant tracking systems, in order to ensure we are able to bolster the resilience of recruiters’ talent pools in the face of disruptive transformations brought about by new challenges we all must face together.

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