Recruitment Lessons from Bullhorn Engage

It’s been two weeks since Bullhorn Engage London, and the UK’s premier Bullhorn recruitment event certainly punched above its weight in terms of valuable insights.

We were invited to ‘immerse ourselves in key industry trends, technology innovation, and Bullhorn best practices.’ The aim being to enable Bullhorn CRM and Bullhorn ATS users to make the best decisions for their future growth. 

Businesses benefitted from highly personalised experiences and one-to-one interactions with ecosystem partners, agency peers, and Bullhorn experts. Our three most anticipated sessions, which included the keynote speech from Bullhorn CEO and Founder Art Papas, didn’t disappoint.

With over a thousand attendees, there was a veritable groundswell of Bullhorn recruiters who are changing the game through this recruitment technology. It was the perfect place to make new connections and learn from the brightest minds in the field.

The key lessons for Bullhorn recruiters

Make automation a component of your stellar candidate experience

As you would expect, Bullhorn Engage was focused on Bullhorn’s recruitment tools and how it improves talent engagement. Drilling down, there was an emphasis on the practical applications of automation and how it can help deliver a great candidate experience whilst making your recruiters more productive.

For a more in-depth understanding of how that looks, check out our guest article on Hiring Smarter with Automation and AI on Deel’s blog.

Opinions were unanimous on how automation should be adopted to deliver that stellar candidate experience…Think of your ideal candidate journey from application through to the first day at the company. This approach will enable you to identify where automation might enhance their experience, and where it might endanger it. 

The need for a carefully considered and balanced approach to automation is succinctly illustrated by these two polarising stats from a CareerBuilder survey:

– 78% of hiring managers believe technology could be used to improve HR processes at their company

– 71% of workers agreed that automation in the hiring process makes it impossible to tell if the company’s culture is the right fit for them

In short, being smart and targeted about where you adopt automation helps you identify the quick automation wins, the automation that you want to work towards, and the areas you can revisit in the future.

Don’t let your data become stale

Data quality was another issue regularly highlighted at Engage. Databases are too often stale and therefore recruiters aren’t making the most of the community they have access to.

Outdated information leads to you chasing passive candidates who aren’t the right fit or who aren’t looking to switch jobs. This results in you paying for leads in order to create a shortlist. You know the story well by now; it’s costly in both time and money. 

This being Bullhorn Engage, the solution was automation. By incorporating a Bullhorn integration, like PitchMe’s solution, into your process, you can automatically update the candidate information, preventing it from becoming out-of-date.

Nurture your candidate community

This thought comes directly from Art Papas and it binds these three lessons together… During his talk, Art identified the need for recruiters to turn stale databases into communities by nurturing candidates. This can involve simple human interventions and interactions at various junctures along the cycle. Simply keeping in touch more regularly is hugely impactful.

This is reflected by the data in the CareerBuilder survey, which found that 38% of workers have been frustrated with employers for not acknowledging an application. And 67% of job seekers say they have a positive impression of a company if they receive consistent updates throughout the application process.

By introducing tailored automation into your Bullhorn recruitment process, you can save time and money. A simple and effective way to do this is by automating tedious and time-consuming updates to your candidate database as this frees up your recruiters to deliver impactful interactions with your talent. That’s how you deliver on that gold-standard candidate experience. And it’s also how you turn your database into a community.

It’s why, as this data from LinkedIn shows, 70% of recruiters agree that automation increases productivity, and 86% of recruiters plan to invest in automation software.

If you’re a Bullhorn user that’s interested in finding out more about the benefits of automation, let’s talk. Book a demo and we’ll show you how our integration can help.

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