Events for startups

Events for Startups for Pitching, Investment and Growth in October 2021

Events for Startups for Pitching, Investment and Growth in October 2021

With a new month come also new events to pitch or grow your startup! That includes the business events that can help you fund, launch and scale it!

At PitchMe, we want to help your startup too. That’s why our very comprehensive list of September 2021 events, that can be crucial for different aspects of your project, is now out! Check out over 30 different events, online and IRL, all over the world! Expect networking, examples of pitching to investors, Q&A’s, marketing strategies, chats with founders, entrepreneurs and more!

Events for Startups in October 2021

1-2nd of OctoberIdea Lab! 21WHU Founders’ Conference is Europe’s leading student-organised Startup Conference.Sold Out!
5-6th of OctoberStartupNow Forum EleusisStartupNow Forum is the largest multi-conference on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in Greece, powered by Mantis Business Innovationfrom 10 euros
5-7th of OctoberSouth SummitYou can witness the birth of a new era, in which business and innovation merge in a green ecosystem that connects all players – large and small – to do business sustainably.FREE
6th till the rest of OctoberB-Hub’s Discovery TourB-hub for Europe is a Startup Europe supported project dedicated to connecting blockchain innovation ecosystems.FREE
12th of October 2021Intelligent Health 2021Intelligent Health is the only large-scale, global summit series focused purely on AI in healthcare. The event will bring the global AI and health community together.from 149 euros
12-14th of OctoberTech in Asia Conference 2021Tech in Asia is a media, events, and jobs platform on a mission to build and serve Asia’s tech and startup community.from 79 USD
12-14th of OctoberInbound 2021INBOUND 2021, is a fully immersive, online experience, that gives you access to transformative business trends, proactive conversations, and key actionable takeaways that future you will appreciate.FREE
13-14th of OctoberWorld Summit AI 2021Celebrating 5 years of WSAI with a ‘super summit’ combining World Summit AI, Intelligent Health, and the launch of our new InspiredMinds summit on climate and the future of food and agriculture.from 249 euros
14-15th of OctoberInfoshare 2021This is where visionaires and engineers come together! Join a truly innovative society and get inspired by the very rapidly changing world of technology. FREE
18-22nd of OctoberTech Startup Week Waco 2021Organized and facilitated by Startup Waco, the mission of Waco Startup Week is to bring the community together through educational panels, engaging workshops and city-building events.FREE
19th of OctoberAutomating & Optimizing Finance Operations at Scale This panel will discuss some of the best practices successful SaaS organizations are using to scale their tech stack, business processes, and talent pools to enable growth.FREE
25-29TH of OctoberGrowthHackers Conference 2021GrowthHackers Conference is bringing together the people behind the experimentation process in SaaS, Mobile Apps, Fintech, E-Commerce and Services.FREE
25-28th of OctoberStartup Summit 2021Startup Summit invites specialists from globally celebrated brands to share their stories and insights with the ambitious founders of today and the business leaders of tomorrow. from 25 pounds

Specifically for businesses based in Poland, we can recommend Crossweb with over 15 different online and real-life events for startups in Polish and English language! Check out their listing for October 2021 HERE!

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