Anastasia Tanenbaum, a Talent Manager at Wheely


When the first quarantine shock eased, when the team more or less adapted to work from home mode and goes out to the virtual bar on Fridays via Zoom, willy-nilly, the question arises – what awaits us after quarantine ends? What will the world be like after pandemic?

We, being optimistic by nature, want to see the light at the end of the tunnel and therefore start the #lifeaftercovid series of interviews with startups that found their way through the crisis and learn from them:

  • what is their approach to team management?
  • what will happen to the hiring?
  • what help they expect from recruiters?

Our first respondent is Anastasia Tanenbaum, Talent Manager at Wheely. She is an expert in the field of talent management, an adherent of analytics and a holistic approach to the happiness of employees.

Wheely – is a UK-based on-demand ride-hailing service that offers luxury vehicles and a personal drivers service.

Location: The company operates in London, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris

Team size: 145 employees

1. Will your team remain remote after quarantine?

While it is quite difficult to predict yet, we are always guided by the desire of our team. At Wheely we had an opportunity to work remotely before the crisis. Our employees could work from home several times a month, if our team expresses a desire to stay remotely as it would be more comfortable for them – we are open for discussion.

2. Will your hiring speed remain the same as before the crisis?

Wheely will hire for key business positions. But now, we are focused now on helping existing employees do their job as efficiently remote as they did in the office.

3. Will you evaluate an impact of the crisis on your team? 

Certainly. We try to keep our hand on the pulse at the moment. No matter how professional the person is, the situation around him definitely has an impact on wellbeing and mental state.

4. What help you expect to receive from recruiters and HR platforms after the crisis?

We expect them to be as user friendly as possible. The help we need is with filtering candidates, identifying A-players. My belief is that only such people will help companies return to the pre-crisis state.

Every week we will feature a new startup. Do you want to share a story of your startup #lifeaftercovid? Reach us on quoting “Startup story for blog” and we will get back to you!

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