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Vivatech2019 and how to get your dream job at a conference

Conferences can be the perfect place to not only network with professionals in different industries but also to look for jobs. The outcome of these type of events is all in your hands and is based on learning all the right tricks to turn a simple chat into the start of an important connection. An event like Vivatech, where thousands of tech startups and leaders are present, can be the perfect opportunity to revolutionise your career.

You never know what the next person you approach could have in store for you, any of them could lead to the job of your dreams. So, how do you go from simply “attending the conference” to “successfully finding a job”?

Plan things out first

Everyone you see confidently starting conversations and engaging with others at such type of events has done some prior preparation. Instead of improvising on the spot, plan what are your goals for the conference and who are the people you want to make sure you talk to.

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Vivatech runs some initiatives that are made to match employees with businesses. Offering training sessions, one-on-one coaching opportunities, recruitment meetings and tons of resources for job seekers. To get the best out of all these initiatives, research the people you want to meet and network with, while also checking the background of the companies you are interested in.

Leave a good impression

Now that you know who you plan to meet face to face and what your goals are, you just need to take action. Learn about the businesses you want to work for, so that when you start a conversation they can see your genuine interest about the company.


If you plan to network with anyone, a quick Google search before approaching someone will tell you enough to help you better engage with them. You have more chances of being remembered if you start an interesting conversation with them rather than only doing some small talk.

Most importantly, listen to their answers and what they are telling you. When you are focused on a goal, it can be easy to fall for the trap of making the conversation solely about yourself and what you want. Instead, show actual interest for what the other person has to say and build a true connection with who you are talking to.

A one-to-one coaching session with a qualified expert at Vivatech would only be helpful if you focus on what the professional is giving you advice on. Engage in the conversation but most of all listen to the suggestions and think of ways to apply those changes to your career.

Keep in touch

The conference is just a starting point for all of those job opportunities you might obtain. Before it’s over, don’t forget to make plans for meetings and connect on LinkedIn so that at the end of the event you have a way to keep in contact with each other. Avoid doing so afterwards, as the momentum will have passed and with everything they might have to catch up with, they could easily never respond.

What you should make sure to do next, is connect even with those people who you only met briefly to exchange business cards with. If they’re part of your industry then they could help you in your career, so add them on LinkedIn and see where that could lead to. Make sure that if you message them, you don’t send the same text in bulk to everyone you met but instead personalise it. It’s always a good idea to remind them about points of the conversation you had so that when they see your message, they’ll immediately remember who you are.

Big tech conferences like Vivatech can present a pool of opportunities for the talented job seekers who have been looking for a breakthrough in their careers. The recruitment platform is a great starting point to view job listings on the job board or to test your digital skills to know how prepared you are for your dream job. While the talent center is the perfect place to get talking with potential employers and network with others in your industry.

Follow the tips above and next time you are about to attend an event, you’ll feel more confident and ready to get the best out of them.

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