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Your Web Summit 2020 tips to help you prepare

For every business events like Web Summit 2020 are full of hopes and expectations and it can be very frustrating if you do not take maximum from these 3 days.

Web Summit 2019 was our first experience at the conference and since then, times have changed completely. We want to share a list of helpful pointers to help maximise your experience at this year’s event in it’s new format.

Get a ticket

If you’re still without a ticket then where have you been! Luckily there are still late tickets left to purchase. Booking takes just 2 minutes and you can decide whether you want a standard or VIP ticket. The VIP offer gets you access to invite-only speaker networking sessions.

Buy tickets here.

Book a hotel Get Comfy

When we went we had to decide between an AirBnB and a hotel. Now the decisions are a lot easier; should I watch from my sofa or my office? Do I have enough tea and coffee in to get me through the event? Unlike before, you’ll be attending the event virtually, so you won’t be travelling between events. This is great for removing the time needed to attend events close together, but make sure you have everything you need where you are.

Plan your meetings

It really depends what you are after, but if your main goal is fundraising, make sure you do your homework in advance. Majority of investors have their schedule finalised 1-2 months in advance. If you are doing a business development, it is totally fine to approach people 2-3 weeks in advance and ask them for a meeting.

The online schedule allows you to filter by channel, topic, tracks and format which makes it really easy to tailor your event.

Download The New event app

Get the most out of Web Summit 2020 with the mobile app. Personalise your profile so that attendees know who you are and plan your schedule so you don’t miss an essential talk. You’ll also be able to connect with all attendees and chat with them throughout the event.

If you’re looking to reach out to companies and attendees do it quick. Everyone’s calendars for event week will fill up quickly with talks, meetings, roundtables, workshops, lounges, 1:1 meetings and more.

Download the app here.

Understand networking on the app

The app gives you ample opportunity to network in a variety of ways so we want to differentiate between them:


This gives you the opportunity to engage with attendees from all over the globe with similar interests in tailored chat rooms which stimulate discussion around specific topics.


Want to see who the other 99,999 attendees are? ‘Explore’ allows you to; browse through their profiles to find common interests, filter attendees and companies by industry, location and more; and use search to find what you’re looking for quick and efficiently.


Quoted as ‘one of the biggest hits’ from their first online event, Collision form Home, Mingle opens the door for random chance encounters just like they might happen at live events. This speed-networking feature gives you three minutes of conversation with someone and if you hit it off, you can connect after.

We hope you have a great experience at Web Summit 2020!

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