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What is a Job Description Generator and how does it work?

what is job description generator
JD Generator by PitchMe

Job Description’s meaning

Job Descriptions are the first thing a candidate reads before applying for a role. It’s the first point of communication where the company not only details their expectations from potential applicants but also presents the perks & benefits that come with the role. It is thus essential to write effective job descriptions in order to attract just the right candidates to apply for your job!

A well-crafted Job Description is like a sales pitch: short, compelling yet effective. It is the first step to receiving applications from the right candidates. While working with both applicants and companies, we realised job descriptions are often inaccurate, not taking into consideration up-to-date soft and hard skills and thus making the match between candidates and employers harder.

Best Job Description Generator

Our platform leverages AI and big data to make sure job seekers and employers find each other quickly, based on soft and hard skills requirements. The Job Description Generator aims at helping candidates to apply to relevant positions, and employers write accurate job descriptions able to attract the right applicants. It improves employers’ capacity to find the best candidate in the context of a continuously changing job market.

At PitchMe we believe it is time to rethink the traditional recruitment process: we are a two-sided, skills-based talent marketplace that matches candidates’ hard and soft skills with the right jobs and upskilling opportunities, as opposed to simply their work experience and education.

PitchMe’s Job Description Generator creates dynamic job descriptions by sourcing from more than 4,500 hard and soft skills within PitchMe’s database. It leverages AI to automate the manual task of writing accurate job descriptions, thereby improving candidate matching based on the hiring manager’s selection of core position details and skills. Job Description Generator’s AI makes automatic updates to the descriptions as skill sets advance, meaning that each job description is always up-to-date with market trends and requirements.

“We developed Job Description Generator to help employers and recruiters maximise their potential outcome when searching for the best candidates for their specific roles. Based on our experience working with dozens of companies to place the right candidates for the right job, we understand the important role that job descriptions play in finding the right candidate. As technology rapidly advances and skill sets evolve, job descriptions require updating. Our AI-driven technology updates job requirements in accordance with these changes, resulting in highly accurate job descriptions. This saves recruiters and hiring managers time and money while attracting the right candidates to each role,” commented PitchMe Co-Founder & CEO, Dina Bayasanova, PhD

How to use a Job Description Generator?

how to use job description generator

PitchMe’s Job Description Generator is free to use independent of PitchMe’s skills-based talent platform. Simply follow this link to find it!

Start off by picking an industry or department your role belongs to. Then, type in the exact role title and proceed with picking a few main skills that you require. Follow with some details about the contract, salary, location and work culture. Don’t worry, it’s just a case of a few clicks!

Each AI-generated job description created can be published for free on PitchMe’s platform, for instant matching with the top five candidates based on the specific skills and position details defined in the process. Recruiters and HR managers can also download the job description in Microsoft Word or PDF, to be shared across the organisation. 

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