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3 Sessions You Must See at Bullhorn Engage

On November 8th Bullhorn Engage will be back in London after two years of virtual events. Safe to say, PitchMe is excited to see everyone face-to-face as well as getting the thoughts of special guest JJ Chalmers.

Aside from the opportunity to ask Chalmers about appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, this event will provide expert commentary on the world of recruitment and technology.

With this exciting prospect in mind, we have compiled a list of sessions that simply can’t be missed.

The here and now with Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn

Every event needs to start with a bang and Bullhorn Engage looks to follow this trend with an opening session with Art Papas, CEO of Bullhorn. 

Papas will be discussing how the world of work has changed in recent years because of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ‘Great Resignation’. Of course, a key change has been in the way employers and recruiters find candidates.

We’re expecting Papas to discuss how businesses and agencies can transform hiring practices, particularly as 4,000 global recruitment agencies cite the talent shortage as their top challenge and talent acquisition as their top priority in 2022.

On top of that, many job candidates have expressed a desire to have the hiring process streamlined. Naturally, as a company that strives to skill-match candidates and speed up the candidate-sourcing process, we’re very interested in what Papas and the wider community have to say. 

Predicting What’s Next for the Recruitment Industry

Of course, we can’t just stay routed in the present challenges, businesses need to look forward as well. Fortunately, Bullhorn Engage has the perfect discussion for those wondering about the future.

With new ways of working and hiring being implemented as remote and hybrid work becomes the norm, it’s worth re-evaluating industry practices.

To consider the future Ann Swai, CEO of APSCo, James Osborne, co-founder of The Recruitment Network, Neil Carberry, CEO at the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, and Bullhorn’s managing director of solutions Sarah Wells will sit down together.

This is set to be a fascinating discussion that will give insight into what we should expect in the coming months and years, and how the world of recruitment can prepare.
If you can’t make this breakout session, there’s also a session at the same time on finding talent in a tight marketplace. Whichever session you attend, you can’t go wrong, but for us the future is a top priority.

Building a Tech Stack That Scales

Technology often promises to solve all of our problems, but it rarely delivers. To get a better understanding of what investments are wise and how technology can adapt with a business, Nina Eigerman, SVP of alliances and business development at Bullhorn, will be discussing technology stacks that scale.

Eigerman will be tackling questions about improving a recruitment company’s operations with technology. Of course, it is important not to subscribe to too much technology and lose the human touch. 

This session looks set to tackle questions about having too much technology and making sure that investments are working for a business.

In short, this looks set to be an invaluable session for all those looking to use technology to improve their business long-term.

There’s much more to look forward to

On top of all these events, we are sure JJ Chalmers’s closing keynote will inspire everyone in attendance. 

If you find yourself between sessions, be sure to catch up with the PitchMe team who will be in attendance and happy to discuss everything around Bullhorn and recruitment.

Failing that, you can always contact our team with any questions you may have.

Enjoy the event!

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