Top 8 Benefits of Using a Job Description Generator

Recruitment software is helping you overcome the challenges of 2023

Through tech solutions, you can do things faster, with less effort and at a lower cost – mitigating the impact of the global economic downturn. Tools like an ATS, resume parser or job description generator can enable you to increase your fill rate by 64%, according to data from Bullhorn. It’s why 94% of HR professionals say that using recruitment software has impacted their hiring process positively.

Today we’re focusing on the job description generator – why it’s needed, and the benefits you can get by adopting it.

What is a Job Description Generator?

A job description generator is a recruitment tool that enables you to automatically create a job description without having to physically write one.

All that’s required in terms of human input is a few key pieces of data relating to job title, salary, location, working environment and level of experience. The rest is generated for you to select from.

The need for a job description generator

Writing an effective job description that makes both the role and your company appealing to the best candidates isn’t an easy task. Plus, it takes a lot of time. According to HRSG’s State of Job Descriptions 2020 Survey, 65.1% of HR professionals spend over two hours writing job descriptions.

There are many contributing factors to the length of time it takes to create a good job description. They include whether or not the HR professional has a thorough understanding of the organisation’s job description process, whether they’ve been trained on creating job descriptions, and whether they’ve got access to a quality tool for writing stellar, relevant job descriptions.

By using a job description generator, you can mitigate the impact of these factors. It will not only save you time and productivity, but it will provide a lot of value that you might not have considered.

So let’s look at the top eight reasons why you need a job description generator to create job descriptions that will attract the right talent without impacting your time.

1. Write job descriptions faster, and with no writing experience

You don’t need any background in copywriting, SEO, formatting, and you certainly don’t need to copy and paste from templates. Simply input a job title and select from a few dropdown options and the job description creator software does the rest.

2. Write standardised job descriptions that are on-brand

Using a job description generator, you can define and customise the headers of each section in your job description. And you can sort these sections using drag & drop to ensure that you have the most appealing sections to candidates at the top.

3. Write job ads faster

It takes, on average, around 30 minutes to write a job ad. By using job description creator software, you’ll get an inclusive and personalised ad in just three minutes. That’s a 90% time saving.

4. Onboard your team in minutes

Using a job description generator, you won’t have to invest any time or training in team members to bring them up to speed. You’ll be able to onboard them in the process in less than 15 minutes, and they’ll be able to start generating job descriptions straight away.

5. Get more insight into roles and identify attributes you might not have thought of

An AI job description generator analyses market data to suggest certain skills, experience, responsibilities and qualifications based on the job title alone. You can use this to gain a deeper understanding of the role that you’re hiring for.

Writing a job description using traditional methods wouldn’t facilitate this kind of learning.

6. A/B test faster and better

With a job description generator enabling you to quickly generate job descriptions, you’ll be able to create more than one per role. That has the benefit of giving you more insights into what works best in terms of performance and attracting better candidates.

7. Optimise your job descriptions for search engines

Posting to Google Jobs is free. But if you want to rank higher, you need to follow guidelines related to the structure of the job description and the SEO.

A job description generator automatically optimises for Google, resulting in a new channel for sourcing talent.

8. Avoid unconscious gender bias

Based on research from Harvard Business School, women wouldn’t apply for jobs unless they meet 100% of the requirements. On the other hand, men will apply when they meet 60% only.

Therefore, job descriptions that are overloaded with responsibilities and qualifications limit the pool of talent and quality of applicants.

Job ads with masculine-coded words such as ‘competitive’ and ‘outspoken’ appear much more in male-dominated fields than job ads in female-dominated fields. Follow-up research confirmed such words made those job listings less appealing to women.

PitchMe Job Description Generator

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The bottom line

A job description generator is a great way to save time, money and resources without compromising on quality. In fact, the resulting job descriptions are better for both humans and AI, meaning you’re far more likely to get in front of the right candidates when you need to.

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