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What Should a Job Description Look Like?

The process of searching for an ideal and qualified candidate starts with writing an accurate job description that reflects the responsibilities and duties coming with the position. A well-written piece should produce a realistic picture of the job and prevent many misunderstandings. What should a good job description look like?

What is a job description and why is it worth creating it?

As the name suggests, a job description is a document that describes the duties, responsibilities, required qualifications, and work schedule of a particular job. 

Why is it important to create an accurate description of the position? It:

  • Sets expectations for the role,
  • Helps you find the right candidate,
  • Helps the new hire hit the ground running,
  • Allows to avoid misunderstandings, and serves as a reference for performance reviews.

job description - what should it look like?

11 must-have elements of every job description

To ensure that a job description reaches the right candidates, it needs to mention essential pieces of information that outline the responsibilities, and duties in a transparent way.

What should a good job description look like? It can’t lack elements like:

  • The job title – meaning a brief description of the scope and purpose of the job, that will inform the candidate what to expect from the position,
  • The company name and logo – this will ensure that candidates know who they’re applying to,
  • A detailed description of the company – so that jobseekers can learn more about the organization, their culture, history, and objectives,
  • The responsibilities and duties – a professional job description should include a list of responsibilities, essential functions, and duties assigned to the job. Thanks to it, the candidate will be able to determine the fundamental nature of the position. For this purpose, you can use bullet points to make the description more transparent, and easy to scan,
  • The location of the job – candidates should be able to know right away where they will potentially be working. It helps to avoid many misunderstandings and situations when both recruiters and candidates waste time,
  • Required qualifications – to make sure that you find an employee meeting your expectations, it’s essential to list qualifications required for the job. This way, the candidates will be able to tell whether they’re likely to be successful in the role,
  • Preferred qualifications – this section will give candidates an idea of what would make them more attractive compared to other jobseekers,
  • Educationan ideal job description should also include information about the educational qualification an employee should have to successfully perform future job duties. 
  • Benefits and the salary range – these are frequently deciding factors. Candidates should know what the company offers in terms of compensation, remuneration, and other extra benefits,
  • Skills, knowledge, and abilities – candidates should be informed about the level of knowledge required to get the job. So, what should a job description look like? It needs to mention specific skills, expertise, and knowledge essential to perform the duties. These might be analytical, problem-solving, project management, decision-making, customer service, or creative thinking skills, and many more,
  • Working conditions – to prevent situations when candidates resign from the job, make sure that the description of the position mentions elements such as working environment, potential exposure to hazardous materials, or loud noise, necessary physical requirements, availability, or physical effort. 

The takeaway

Knowing what a job description should look like is only the first step. Now, it’s time to create a piece that will attract potential candidates and encourage them to apply for the offered position. What to do if you aren’t a creative soul? Don’t worry. Use our free job description generator and prepare job descriptions containing all the above-mentioned elements in just a few clicks!

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