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Web Summit 2022: The Key Lesson For Recruiters

It’s been almost two weeks since Web Summit and the event that has garnered so much praise from highly esteemed industry experts certainly lived up to its billing.

The event that Politico has called “the world’s premier tech conference”,

The Atlantic stated is “where the future goes to be born”, and the New York Times dubbed “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests,” was brimming with energy, enthusiasm and anticipation.

With over 70,000 attendees from over 160 countries, there was a palpable sense that the world was coming together in an inclusive way to solve the problems facing industry and indeed the world. The aim of Web Summit was to lead the way into a better future.

During times of great uncertainty, we look to thought leaders to offer solutions, and of the 900-plus speakers, there were profound words from Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environmental Initiatives at Apple, Nik Storonsky, CEO and Founder of Revolut, and the ever-eminent Noam Chomsky.

Over four action-packed days of talks, networking and learning, PitchMe had the pleasure of meeting some incredibly engaging and passionate individuals and businesses.

It was amazing to see so many great startups under one roof, including those with a philanthropic focus such as Actif, Cordial World, and The Social Society

‘Where to next?’ was the question we were invited to ask ourselves at the event and we left knowing it’s a question we should be asking in perpetuity if we’re going to solve the problems of the future. 

So what did we learn from Web Summit?

Web Summit included discussions around tech developments such as Web3, cryptocurrencies and the cloud. However, the overarching questions at the event were focused on the economy.

Recruitment developments in a recession

People often wonder why tech seems to be recession-proof, as it seems to not only survive but thrive during periods of economic hardship.

The reasons for this are nuanced but by and large, it’s because tech is very good at evolving and quickly identifying solutions to problems. 

Tech can enable companies to do more with less. Digital tools can automate processes, reduce costs, augment risk detection and opportunity detection with AI, respond to disruptions in supply chain demands with digital twins and reimagine omnichannel and customer experience to drive sales.

It’s why CNBC’s Technology Executive Council survey of 44 executives showed that some of the top priorities for 2022, which will carry on for 2023, include artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and software-defined security.

The benefits of investing in tech are just as relevant for the recruitment sector. Tech and automation will play a huge part in helping recruiters through the recession. As budgets get tighter, fewer companies will be looking to hire and job orders will likely decrease in volume.

By investing in tech and automating a lot of the laborious and time-consuming tasks such as searching, sourcing and shortlisting, you can hire faster for less, and with fewer resources.

PitchMe’s solution helps you do just that. To find out more, book a demo by clicking the button below.

The bottom line

Web Summit taught us that tech is evolving to solve contemporary problems – primarily the economic turmoil businesses currently face. When it comes to the recession, tech is a bridge over troubled water. You can implement it, simplify your workload and bring a significant increase in revenue while saving around 35 working days yearly per recruiter to spend on other vital tasks.

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