Free CV making tools

Free CV making tools for 2021

Different people need different resumes. Each person also needs few different versions of their own CVs for each industry or position they are applying for.

Recent stats (from Talent Works or livecareer) show it takes 100-200+ applications to receive one job offer. In a further breakdown, you have an 8.3% chance of getting a job interview from a single job application. That means it takes 10-20 applications to get one interview and 10-15 interviews to get one job offer, Hire Lehigh reports (2021).

Of course, this will change depending on roles, industry and candidate’s experience and education. However, considering the number of applications that need to be sent before one gets a job, we simply can not afford to write a new CV from scratch for each job application.

At the same time, a “general CV to use for all applications” is not really an option either. PurpleCV reports that employers want to see how your skills and experience match the specific role they’ve advertised. Tailoring your CV will show employers you’re a serious candidate, and that you really want to work for them. Most recruiters will be able to spot a generic CV a mile off.

The bottom line is, when looking for a job, you will need to create few CVs, but can not waste time to handwrite each one of them from scratch. Don’t worry! In this blog, we will introduce you to some FREE helpful tools to build, customise, design and improve your CV!

CV Maker is a free, multilingual tool where you can easily design a simple resume. Chose between few pre-designed templates and adjust each section up to your liking. Register on this platform and save your CVs in your account. Come back to them whenever you need them in life and simply update the information from the past, rather than creating everything from scratch each time when job hunting. You can simply copy the resume you’ve created and change relevant details for different industries or change the language when applying abroad!

Another interesting feature is you can host your resume on this site and share its link with anyone. Also, you can export the resume in PDF, HTML, or TXT format. Last but not the least, this platform comes with a simple interface that helps beginners to create an awesome resume seamlessly.


Forget spending hours formatting your resume, or choosing complementary fonts for your cover letter. Creating a resume online with Canva’s free resume builder will give you a sleek and attractive resume, without the fuss.

Choose from hundreds of free, designer-made templates, and customize them within minutes. With a few simple clicks, you can change the colours, fonts, layout, and add graphics to suit the job you’re applying for.

Canva is not only free and easy to use. It is a great design tool for beginners in general. The big advantage it has over other tools is the ability to showcase your abilities in a more creative way. Use charts, icons or graphs to visually present your skills instead of writing lengthy paragraphs that most recruiters won’t have time to read.

Build beautiful, recruiter-tested resumes in a few clicks! The resume builder is powerful and easy to use, with a range of amazing functions. Custom-tailor resumes for any job within minutes. Increase your interview chances and rise above the competition.

They have developed a resume builder based on feedback from thousands of users, recruiter expertise, stellar template design and the best hiring practices. The goal is simple: help you land that dream job interview! Get an advantage in the modern professional environment.

Their designed templates and examples are reviewed by recruiters. This gives you a powerful boost in resume creation, straight from the other side of the job market – the people responsible for hiring and candidate evaluation.


CV builder is a free service they have developed to help you build a professional, fully formatted CV from scratch in four easy steps.

If you’re starting from scratch, the free CV templates and CV examples and samples will help you create a professional CV fast. Whether you’re a school leaver, a recent graduate, you want to work part-time, or you’re looking to return to work after a career break or redundancy, they have the right CV template for you.

Save your CV progress and finish it off later, download as PDF file for free once finished!


Many large companies hiring today use a keyword-based algorithm to filter and rank CVs based on keywords. As a job seeker, in order to make it through different company filters, this means you would have to tailor your CV to each application in order to be noticed.  Obviously, this can be an arduous process. That’s why Jobscan was created —  it automates the process, giving applicants the power of large applicant tracking systems.  With Jobscan, you can optimise your CV to give it the best chance of making it through the filtering process as you apply for your dream job. 


Digital tools are also a great way of showcasing your skills, personality and projects that you’ve worked on in the past. That’s why at PitchMe, our unique SmartMe profile incorporates your digital data with your CV creating a unique digital profile that overcomes the limitations of the traditional CV by providing a 360-degree view of who you are as a candidate.

SmartMe takes a data-driven approach to candidate profiling. It combines traditional sources, such as a CV, with a candidate’s digital data to build the most complete, real-time, dynamic profile of each candidate’s skills.  You can build your SmartMe profile in minutes by uploading your CV and giving it a boost by including a link to your personal or business websites, any social profiles, blogs, online games and more (it’s up to you to choose which digital data to include). 

Link all your online presence during the onboarding process. Our smart AI technology extracts all your skills from your social profiles and activities. It creates lists and charts of your soft and hard skills that you can transfer to your CV! To find out more about the platforms you can link to your profile check out THIS blog.

Moreover, based on the skills in your profile, PitchMe technology will pair you with the jobs matching your current qualifications. While your SMartMe profile can be used as a help in creating your Resume, at PitchMe we believe in the future of hiring without the need for a CV at all! When job hunting with PitchMe, you are contributing to more unbiased hiring processes! Get matched with jobs based on your skills, without involving your age, nationality, gender, work experience or education!

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Other resources

The resume creating process involves CV’s design and CV’s content. While this blog might have helped you in working on your resume’s design, you might wanna have a look at the content and structure of your resume too.

The design of the CV can be challenging even when using the above design tools. Check out CNBC’s blog on the fonts recommended for your CV!

Creating a CV can be an exhausting process but often it’s just the beginning of job hunting. Once you get through making your resume, you might want to check out these tips on How to log for a job in 2021!

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