Turbocharge Your Talent Sourcing

Automatically source candidates at scale, and fast

High-quality candidates are in short supply – this poses a significant challenge to your business. Data from LinkedIn’s Top 100 Hiring Statistics 2022 shows that 63% of recruiters have identified talent shortage as their biggest problem. To combat this, agencies often invest more time and effort into talent sourcing. But this has its drawbacks.

Recruiters will know that the search for talent already takes a massive amount of time. According to LinkedIn data, recruiters already spend nearly a third of their workweek – about 13 hours – sourcing candidates for a single role.

And when we look at recruiters’ combined sourcing efforts for all roles, that jumps to 30 hours, or 49% of their workweek, according to Dice’s 2018 Recruitment Automation Report.

If a recruiter is spending 30 hours a week on paperwork, they won’t find enough time to network and build fruitful relationships with top candidates.

So what’s the alternative?

Simply put, there isn’t one. Talent sourcing, as you know, is great for generating quality leads. The data from LinkedIn shows that 62% of recruiters find more high-quality candidates through sourcing than inbound applications.

So the next question is: How can we make the search for talent more efficient?

Automate your talent sourcing

You’re probably not hearing this for the first time, but in recent years there has been a clear pivot towards automation in recruitment. It enables you to do more with less. According to LinkedIn, simply optimising the job recruitment process can shorten the hiring cycle by 60% while improving quality.

The cost of not automating is equally compelling, with 44% of recruiters in the Dice report saying they’ve missed opportunities due to a lack of automation. And of the recruitment areas respondents would most like to see automated, nearly half said sourcing.

This would enable recruiters to build relationships with top candidates and be much more targeted about who they consider for a role and who they call – the things recruiters are really good at.

Generate high-quality leads quickly

PitchMe’s recruiting technology automatically sources candidates at scale, and fast. You give us the job title and the location, and in return, we use multiple online sources like LinkedIn to generate as many relevant candidates as possible. 

Our deep search criteria and the fact that we draw data from many digital sources mean that this function is infinitely scalable. So you’ll get only the best and most suitable candidates based on the information provided.

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