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Webinar: Driving Value Through Automation

PitchMe is incredibly excited to announce the launch of our webinars. These conversations will cover the latest recruitment topics and delve into how HR technology can help as well as hinder businesses. 

In keeping with these themes our first webinar tackles automation in the recruitment process, and is entitled: “Can we automate a great candidate experience?” 

Our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Ed Mellor, was joined by Sean Hopkins, Product Marketing Manager at CloudCall, and Matthew Monette, Country Lead and Head of Expansion UK&I at Deel.

The conversation kicked off with a poignant question about what makes a good experience for candidates and potential hires.

Being Transparent

Monette had a simple message for employers and recruiters, emphasising the importance of transparency in job descriptions. He explained: “Candidates want to have visibility of what they’re potentially getting in bed with and they do a lot of due diligence in advance of any sort of application. 

Adding to this Monette said, “the more transparency that companies can provide as a business such as the in-depth scope of role reporting lines, salary, work from the office” the better.

Given that there are an increasing number of companies that are disclosing salaries in an effort to attract candidates, it is clear that the wants of potential hires are increasingly shaping the recruitment process.

Hopkins echoed a similar sentiment from a different perspective as he focused on the touchpoints in the hiring process: “It’s about enabling people to understand where they are in the whole narrative of the recruitment process, they want to know that their application has been acknowledged, or whether they’ve made it to the next round, or if they’re no longer being considered for a role.”

The Impact of COVID-19

The need to be transparent has, in part, been brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting shifts in the working world.

Monette considered what shifts he has seen: “The pandemic has changed candidates themselves and their expectations. We are more aware of the value of time.”

“We need to be happy and that we need to have an engagement […] we want things like work-life balance and all of those different factors that come into the process. So people have higher expectations.”

From this point, the conversation went deeper into how automation can provide a more engaging candidate experience. Additionally, there was a focus on areas where technology can’t beat human interactions.

Be sure to check out the webinar to learn more about how automation can help you overcome your candidate sourcing and hiring challenges.

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