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ATS Integrations: What Are The Benefits?

Syncing your ATS with your existing solutions will give you the best results for your business

We’ve written a lot recently about ATS: we have explained what is ATS, how does an applicant tracking system works, how to use ATS, and its primary purpose. But when it comes to adopting an ATS and incorporating it into your recruiting cycle, there’s something else to consider… How well it will integrate with your existing solutions to give you best-in-class results.

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What is an ATS integration?

ATS integrations allow you to link your applicant tracking system to your existing apps and create a seamless suite of tools, features and functionality for a smooth and efficient workflow of talent acquisition and onboarding.

Why is an ATS integration important?

An efficient hiring process helps facilitate a positive applicant experience. Applicants want the process to be quick, smooth and transparent – expectations that are shared by recruiters; efficiency is their primary metric as their goal is to process as many candidates as possible.

However, using multiple systems to track applicant journeys is time-consuming. It’s not just the time-inefficiencies of constantly switching between systems, it’s the human adjustment required to go from one way of working to another.

This leads to delays for both candidates and recruiters. And it can lead to a loss of talent availability. 

By integrating applicant tracking data with your existing recruiting cycle systems, you will prevent delays from occurring. You will also score the additional wins of strengthening your hiring process and increasing morale and productivity.

Furthermore, through ATS integration you’ll ensure that applicants move through the process faster, contributing to that gold standard applicant experience. It also helps to ensure you get the right person for the job as you’ll be drawing on multiple sources of data discovered during the hiring process.

What are the benefits of an ATS integration?

Applicant tracking systems give you ground-up control of the hiring process. They enable you to reduce your time to hire and streamline the experience for all involved.

ATS integrations go one further… They elevate your applicant tracking system and turbocharge your automation to create a software solution that brings many remarkable benefits. These are the most advantageous:

Accelerating your candidate application process

The right ATS integrations speed up the application phase of your hiring process. These include tools that enable your team to quickly review CVs and give feedback and automation that posts jobs and shortlists candidates.

Upgrading and enhancing your candidate engagement

ATS integrations enable you to automate data entry, candidate sourcing, shortlisting, interview scheduling and updating social media, improving accuracy and efficiency, and leaving you free to build better and more impactful relationships with your talent.

Improving the representation of your candidates

ATS integrations automatically draw from numerous online sources to enrich the profiles of applicants and candidates in your database. This means the information you hold on your talent is up to date and correct, which enables you to quickly identify the most qualified candidates for every role.

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Supercharging your onboarding process

Increase the efficiency of your onboarding process by integrating a human resource management system with your ATS to automate steps such as background checks and identifying training needs.

 Maximising efficiency and reducing your time to hire

The right ATS integrations will enable you to put time-consuming administrative tasks such as updating candidate profiles, and sourcing, screening and shortlisting candidates on autopilot. This allows you to focus your time on the nuts and bolts aspects of the recruitment process, like targeting who you consider for a role and who you call, and engaging with your talent – building strong relationships and delivering on that stellar candidate experience.

PitchMe integrates with all top applicant tracking systems

PitchMe seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS to cut your time and costs to hire by up to 80% by automatically sourcing, updating and shortlisting candidates. Our smart solution uses 35+ digital sources to build accurate, in-depth and up-to-date profiles of candidates, and uses objective and unbiased skills analysis to find the best candidates for every role.

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The takeaway

ATS integrations are the recruiter tech equivalent of strapping an outboard motor to your rowing boat. You’ll get to your destination faster and with way less effort. What’s more, the other participants in the journey will benefit, too. 

And if that analogy isn’t working for you, book a demo by clicking the button above, and we can give a practical presentation of how one such ATS integration can increase your candidate engagement, reduce your sourcing and screening time, and dramatically cut your time to hire. 

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