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What you need to know about recruiting with Bullhorn

Those in the recruitment industry don’t think of animals or megaphones when they hear the name Bullhorn. Instead, they think of a customer relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking system (ATS) tool.

Bullhorn is a cloud-based CRM solution that was designed for relationship-driven businesses. In short, the software enables businesses to track their relationships and interactions. As a result, many recruiters, PR companies, and sales teams use the technology.

What is Bullhorn being used for?

With this variety of clientele, Bullhorn serves its customers in different ways. However, the overarching value is in the automated data capture of customer and candidate updates.

For recruitment agencies, this means tracking candidates sourced, manually updating their job details, and ultimately being able to mark the potential hire as placed in a position. 

This is the primary function of most ATS technologies. However, a key, and often overlooked, element of these systems is the ability to maintain relationships with highly sought-after candidates and nurture the relationship.

If relationships are not maintained then it will be harder to reach out to candidates about new opportunities, and ultimately fill the vacant positions you have. This is an area where utilising an ATS properly can make a world of difference.

One element that makes Bullhorn an attractive technology is that it has CRM functionality while being ATS. This allows recruitment agencies to get insights into their relationships with the companies seeking them out while simultaneously tracking the candidate’s progress in one platform.

Matt Fischer, President and COO at Bullhorn, noted the importance of technology in the recruitment process: “The leading staffing and recruiting firms today are focused on digital transformation to unlock new levels of productivity and truly transform the way they interact with their talent and clients. 

“With the candidate experience at a premium, firms are leveraging automation and self-service to create talent journeys that match modern expectations and put more people to work.”

The words of Fischer are echoed by data sourced by a fellow ATS company Eploy in its 2022 UK Candidate Attraction Report. The company found that 90% of recruitment agencies use an ATS and the quality and quantity of candidates sourced through this technology were high.  

Evidently, an ATS is a tried and tested way to manage job candidates effectively. 

Can Bullhorn help me?

Of course, there is no technology that will be perfect for everyone. With that in mind, it is worth considering your needs and the software that is available to you already. 

While Bullhorn can help many recruiters source, organise and track candidates, there are plenty of applicant tracking systems available. It is crucial to think about what platforms can give you consistent updates and detailed insights into candidates.

On top of that, it is worth noting whether a platform is on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Having a technology readily available, that is scalable and can be upgraded at no extra cost can be a vital differentiator for a product.

For those who aren’t in the know, a SaaS offering is based in the cloud and this means the software required by a company can be readily downloaded by whichever employees need it. 

Brandon Medford, senior principal analyst at Gartner discussed why a SaaS offering is important in today’s technology landscape: “Organisations are advancing their timelines on digital business initiatives and moving rapidly to the cloud in an effort to modernise environments, improve system reliability, support hybrid work models and address other new realities compelled by the pandemic.” 

Research has found that the SaaS market is growing at a rate of 18% yearly, and an ATS that encompasses the advantages offered by the cloud will undoubtedly be popular. 

Bullhorn features all of these SaaS benefits and given the growing trends of cloud offerings, this means the technology can be accessible for recruitment agencies. Of course, for those who do not want to use software from the cloud, Bullhorn won’t be an ideal solution.

On top of a cloud offering, it is Bullhorn’s integrations that make it a hit with customers.

Bullhorn integrations 

Many software solutions partner or integrate with Bullhorn. As a popular applicant-tracking solution, Bullhorn offers the opportunity for other solutions to add value to the existing platform.

Notable Bullhorn integrations include Daxtra, Salesforce, GitHub, and Docusign. All of these integrations offer a unique value add. In total, Bullhorn has more than 100 partners who help improve the solution and cater to the needs of users. In this rich product landscape, PitchMe has chosen Bullhorn as a platform to integrate with. 

PitchMe populates Bullhorn’s candidate database with relevant information from over 30 sources. This automatic enrichment process removes the need to manually scroll through LinkedIn profiles and update them, saving time and effort. 

As a result of our own technology, PitchMe believes that the right integrations with Bullhorn can create an applicant tracking system that truly works for recruiters.

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