Raising investment during the crisis

Fundraising during the crisis. List of online pitch and investment events in April

It might seem almost impossible to raise money for your business during pandemic/markets/oil/currency crisis. If you have an open funding round you might think that everything worst that could have affected it happened at the same time. Just to let you know – you are not alone! Many startups will struggle, it was never easy to close a round, but now it will be harder than ever.

For those who are not planning to give up, we have prepared a list of webinars to help fundraising during the crisis. Hope to see you there!

April, 1
8.15am UK time
Fine Time Your Pitch To Get InvestmentHome Grown: This session with Andrew Burford will take you through the entire start-up fundraising process from initial investment readiness checks, the fundraising pack, the types of investor and how to engage, valuation, negotiation, legals, due diligence and closing.
April, 2
11:30 EST
Venture Capital in the Middle of COVID-19FT Partners:
Matt Harris of Bain Capital Ventures
Patricia Kemp of Oak HC/FT
Hans Morris of Nyca Partners
Nigel Morris of QED Investors
Tom Stafford of DST
April, 2
17:00 BST
Pitch For Investment OnlineWeCoffee: Here you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your business, gain valuable feedback from our investor panel and maybe even secure some investment.
April, 2
Overcoming COVID-19 challenges as startup founders and investorsEntrepreneurs Collective: webinar to hear from the panel of advisors on how startups can tackle HR, Legal and Accounting challenges in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak.
April, 3
Raising Capital For Your Business During Covid-19Seedrs: Scott Simpkin, Campaign Development Team Leader, and Jasmine Lynn, Legal and Investment Associate, will dive into the fundraising options you could consider for your business to help you through these challenging times.
April, 7
10:00 EDT
No Stupid Questions: Preparing Your Startup for Economic DownturnFacilitated by Laith Shukri and Tony Barkett of Silicon Valley Bank, this workshop will give you the tools you need to understand and navigate the impact of economic downturn.
April, 8
18:30 EDT
How do you raise capital amidst the current COVID-19 reality?REIN‘s Success Formula for Raising Capital Webinar will help you understand how to overcome lack of capital using our proven system. 
April, 16
How to attract the right investorsThe workshop, run in partnership with the British Library Business & IP Centre, packs a massive amount of content into just half a day to equip you with a simple to follow, step-by-step approach to securing investment.
April, 16

Virtual Angel Coffee Morning with Pink Salt Ventures
Tech Hub:  Samira Ann Qassim from Pink Salt Ventures to discuss investment.
April, 23
NORTHINVEST PITCH EVENTThis event will involve up to six investor-ready tech and digital startups pitching their ideas, with the opportunity for investors to ask questions and give honest and constructive feedback.
April, 28
Start Up Funding SummitThe summit will kickoff with sessions covering the fundamental areas to consider when raising investment, including: negotiating terms and valuation with Philippa Sturt, Managing Partner at Joelson, securing IP with Andrew White, Managing Associate at Mathys & Squire and crowdfunding with Crowdcube.
April, 30
14:00 BST
Virtual VC Coffee with 24HaymarketJoin a 1:1 call with Nolan Sardesai 
from 24Haymarket.
24Haymarket is a premium deal-by-deal investment platform focused on high-growth businesses, investing up to £5 million in any particular company. 
by: pitchme.co

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